To whom this concerns
Though I doubt you know who you are
You think we're good, tight, cool
but that's not how I see it
You say we're the best of friends
but we hardly ever talk
and Ive heard you talk about your "best friends"
and what you say isnt exactly positive and loving words about them
so if we're "best friends" then what exactly do you say about me?

I told you that I would always be here
that you could tell me anything, and pour all your troubles onto me
yet every day you complain about how alone you are
about how your life is screwed beyond repair
do I even exist to you?
or do you even care?

I'm tired of waiting
I'm tired of you always keeping me on the side lines of your life
I want to help
but your too blind and stubborn to even remember that you know me
you say that you love me, and that you feel good around me
so why do you prefer these other people who you insist don't know anything?
or maybe Im the one who doesnt know anything

So just come break me down
maybe it'll make you feel better
maybe if you see how far I've fallen, then you'll realize that you have a long way to go
if it'll help, then you can bury me
just as long as it saves you

God I feel so stupid
I'm so used to telling myself that you don't know what you're doing
that you're not along
that all you're trouble and all your pain is keeping you from seeing through the lies
I wish I could just scream,
"You're not alone, you have me!"
but I doubt you'd be able to hear
and even if you could I doubt you'd listen

so I'll remain your "friend"
and I'll stay on the side-lines
watching as you destroy yourself all on your own
because, after all.....what can I do for you?
I'm nothing to you
I don't matter

go ahead and stand on your broken legs
you don't need my support
you never have
but my legs are broken too
and I do need your support to help me stand
but I suppose that you're too busy walking on your own to save me

I hate how selfish I am
I hate how I try to do things for others
and I hate how that thought of kindness becomes selfish in itself
To think that I could help anyone
what a stupid idea to have
You are proof that I have failed
proof that..........I.........have save you