Well, the fight for my life is still grueling. I can still not stop my shaking, but I have knocked it down to only once a couple days now. Remeber, even when you feel like just giving up in the world. Look for the one thing that will make you stay the good fight till the last breath.

I know people have told me it is sad, but to be honest. I do not find it sad, like I did at the start of it. Like I said, I am not going anywhere unless it is death by a sword. Not someting a sword collector should say, but hey. don't see a lot of you with swords to stab me withXD

Now then people, just remeber. I am a paranormal investigator, andI would like to say this. Keep those recorders running, for once you do, I will make sure to leave you a message if yea like^.^ That or scare the hell out of you lmfao.

Ironic thing is....I am taking this in good cheer, for I do know something that matter to me more then anything. I made a promise to my woman that i would watch over her from above, and Damnit. I am going to do it. I love you Meghan, and to the rest who read this. Take care.

~Moon NeverWInter~