No little kitten or cracked mirror is going to throw you off! You probably chuckle at those people who wear the same old ratty shirt for luck or walk funny just to avoid those cracks in the sidewalk. Superstitions don't seem to play a significant role in your life. You don't think a four-leaf clover or an open umbrella can control your fate? Well, good for you! Superstitions, when kept in perspective, can be a lighthearted way to play with the concept of luck. But, when taken seriously - they can be consuming and get way out of hand. Superstitions are irrational beliefs that are created to make sense of coincidences or the unknown. When someone is confused or lacks knowledge on a subject, she may turn to superstition for guidance and luck.

Research claims that females tend to be more superstitious than males, and the topics they are concerned with differ as well. Women's superstitions generally relate to issues of relationships and home life, while men tend to be more concerned with business and sports. However, even the merest coincidence can set people off onto a new superstition. So, pat yourself on the back and continue to pick up those pennies, even if they've landed on tails! Spend your energy on those things over which you DO have control.