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Tomo-kun's Journal
Random crap that I'll make you listen to.
Vampire of Oz: Part III
The two stepped into the woods and closer to the sound. Pushing aside a large patch of brush, Adonis saw the distressed being first. Leaning up against a tree was a boy made of white painted metal. He was dressed in loose comfortable-looking purple clothing. Chains were attached to his body like piercings and held him captive to the tree. Tired pink eyes looked up at them and his legs moved as if he were trying to stand, but was not quite strong enough to finish the job.

"Hey, do you need help?" Adonis asked as they stepped closer to the odd metal person.

"Yes!" The metal boy cried desperately, "I can't move my arms or shoulders. If I remain chained to this tree much longer, I won't be able to move at all!" He was right. It looked as if the only reason he was sitting up was because of the support from the tree.

"How are we going to break these?" Adonis murmured, picking up the chains to study them. They seemed to be normal enough. "I don't have anything to cut this with."

Adrian looked around for something heavy or sharp to break through the chain. His golden eyes finally fell on Adonis's shoes, "The Ruby Converse..." He murmured. Adonis looked down at them and then back up at Adrian with a questioning expression. The scarecrow seemed to read his face and continued.

"The shoes have magical properties. Maybe you can break it with the shoes." He suggested. Adonis looked down at the shoes as they sparkled up at him, projecting pink flecks of light over his face.

"Worth a shot." He murmured as he handed the chain to Adrian, "Here, just hold this tight while I kick it." the boy instructed as he took a step back. He pivoted to the side and jammed his foot into the metal boy's restraint, breaking it as hoped.

The metal boy's expression brightened instantly. "Thank you so much!" He exclaimed gratefully as he attempted to pull himself up. This task proved to be more difficult than he had originally intended. "I guess I need to plug in before I can move." He said, looking around as if he expected a generator to pop up from the ground.

"The Ruby Converse should be enough to get you charged up." Adrian announced before Adonis had a chance to wonder what they would do. The straw man bent down to point out the small outlet embedded in the back of the footwear.

"These shoes have everything!" Adonis mused, wondering how he missed something like that. Adrian spotted a white cord lying in the leaves and inserted it into the shoe outlet. Instantly, the metal boy jumped to life and hugged the both of them.

"Mm!" Good thing it wasn't a European outlet, eh?" he said with a laugh as he arched his back in a stretch. "Ah! My manners!" He cried, taking both their hands at once and shaking them. "I'm the Tin Elf," He introduced, "But I prefer it if you call me 'Caradoc'. The Elder chained me here because she doesn't want me dating her son..." He murmured, letting himself trail off for a few moments. "I-It's because I don't have a heart." He concluded, tapping his left pectoral to hear the hollow echo of his chest.

"Well, Adrian, here, and I are going to see the Wizard in the Emerald City. He's gong to send me back to New York and he's going to give Adrian a brain." Adonis offered with a small shrug. Caradoc gasped in delight and nodded enthusiastically.

"Oh! There is hope, yet! If I get a heart, she'll have to let me be with him! I'll gladly accompany you!"

The growing party, now a friendly trio, had started down the golden pavement once more. Adonis gazed down the path, extremely silent as he recounted the day. Adrian and Caradoc had been chatting avidly to each other. Both sides of the conversation were surprisingly intellectual and compassionate for a scarecrow with no brain and a machine with no heart. Their conversation paused only when their eyes fell on the human.

"Adonis, are you all right?" Caradoc asked, stopping to study him better. The other two stopped as well and turned to face each other. Adonis blinked and nodded.

"Oh yeah! A lot of weird stuff happed today, is all." He assured them with a small smile, "It was weird, but it was kind of cool, too! I mean, who thought I'd ever make friends with people like you?"

Caradoc gave him an appreciative smile and Adrian looked like he would be blushing had scarecrows had the ability. Said scarecrow parted his lips to speak, but just as he did, a new body pounced him to the ground. Adonis and Caradoc gasped in unison and rushed over to pull the growling form off of him.

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