Eleven Elements.

First, Darkness shall pierce the sky and it will bleed. Then the sky will be encompassed, turning day to night.

Ice becomes a hailstorm that drills holes in the ground that Hell calls its ceiling.

The heavens cry Water which pours through the holes created by Ice and flood Hell.

Lightning rains down and strikes Water, which ferries Lightning through all of it.

Wind swirls into a funnel of destruction and weakens a straight line in the ground, then a Light blade falls from the sky and slices through it, and slices Hell in two.

The Water drains, but electricity remains and creates Fire that builds up and causes the ground to blow right off the Earth, which then drops most of land into a great fissure.

The Earth has become unstable, and those who can, create an orb of Arcanity, which grows too large and begins to explode with creation. Everything that could happen does inside creation explosions in minuscule scale too small to even see, like an infinite amount of alternate realities.

As a last ditch effort, a sorcerer creates an orb of Void in the direct center of the growing Arcanity, hoping that each will cancel the other out. Arcanity is infinite, and Void is zero, but when you multiply these, zero times infinite is still zero...

The Void grows, although slower than the dissipated Arcanity, swallowing everything that only a mage of time could ever reverse.

A boy, no older than nine years, sheaths a katana stained with fresh blood. He regrets his last kill.

The boy turns around, only to see the growing Void soon to swallow him in only a matter of minutes. He takes out a blade with his left hand, jagged, sharp, and a dark red, like blood, yet it is the blade's true color.

He scribbles a glyph in the sand, calls it Saigo, and the Void begins to recede.

"That which has been lost cannot be repaired. However, that which has not been lost will begin to end."

The Void stops getting smaller when it becomes about four centimeters in diameter, then begins to grow again. It grows at a rate too small to even notice by the day, much, much slower than before.

"Saigo has not the power to stop a void, but it can prolong its destruction. The last day is coming. Hell will want revenge before they too are swallowed by the void. We have nine years to live, and the last year will be the worst, as we will have only a small piece of the world to live on."