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Captain's log, Captain Silyavawen
Read it and you'll know.
New Journal entry, anyone? Semi-spoilers and amazing pics.
So, I've been trying to think of something really interesting and significant to put in my journal (since I need a new entry oh-so badly)... But I couldn't. So I figured I'd just ramble on for a while about everything that's going on in my head which, after finishing my AP US homework, isn't much. However empty my head may be, I think I can produce a sufficient amount of stuff that will make some sense to someone... Then again, maybe not.

Ok, now I'm going to talk about Heroes. All of you who don't care have my permission to skip the next paragraph... unless of course you just adore reading my deeply profound, TV based reflections. However, you have to look at the pictures because... well, you don't really have a choice, your eyes will be immediately drawn to them before the text. I'll bet you already looked at them didn't you? Yeah, that's what I thought.

So, Heroes was amazing. Hiro got tons of screen time and it was almost all hilarious. Mohinder is still gorgeous and got to slam someone against a wall. (Yeah, it's finally out in the open. For some time now I've been a semi-secret Mohinder fangirl -- and no, I'm not devolving... For goodness sake, just look at him!) Overall it was a great episode. I just have to ask, did they really have to use a stereotypical name like "Alejandro"? I mean, when I saw that guy the first thing I thought was, "He must be Alejandro!!" ... And then he was. Oh, and his sister freaks me out. I feel bad for her and all but, whatever her power is, making people bleed out of their eyes is just plain creepy. Nathan has really let himself go... really now, he looks like a bum fused with a lumberjack. I don't think Peter is really that bad off. I mean, if he has to be found naked, scarred, and without his memories, at least he was found by Irishmen with cool accents.

So here are those pictures that you already looked at but now sort of understand.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

He can cook too. mrgreen

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  • User Comments: [11]
    Community Member

    Sat Sep 29, 2007 @ 08:06pm

    lol Mohinder!

    XxMurder in WonderlandxX
    Community Member

    Sat Sep 29, 2007 @ 10:09pm

    Mohinder! heart

    Community Member

    Mon Oct 01, 2007 @ 05:47am

    oh chibi, sil told me about how hith watched a heroes ep. and she knew who mohinder was and yet while we were at riverfeast, you didn't know who mohinder was until we told you. so blah! HIRO PWNS!
    1.Hiro,Mohinder and Peter
    2.everyone else

    Community Member

    Mon Oct 01, 2007 @ 06:22am

    Nice abbreviations, Avada. You made it so short that I almost couldn't understand you.

    Community Member

    Thu Oct 04, 2007 @ 01:10am

    ^_^ You're funny!
    And Avada, I almost laughed out my kidney when I read that you had written "Riverfeast"! Nice to see you at school today, by the way! biggrin

    Community Member

    Fri Oct 05, 2007 @ 11:38pm

    Wow...you haven't been a fangirl of anybody semi-real for awhile...

    I wish I could've gone to Riverfeast...

    Community Member

    Sat Oct 06, 2007 @ 05:58am

    I havn't really been a fangirl of ANYBODY for a while... Unless you count Tem Morrison... But I don't.

    XxMurder in WonderlandxX
    Community Member

    Sun Oct 07, 2007 @ 01:57am

    Jeez can't a person have a blonde moment without getting flamed? gonk

    Community Member

    Sun Oct 07, 2007 @ 08:31pm


    Community Member

    Wed Oct 24, 2007 @ 01:20am


    ...all the same, Sily, to read you saying the word 'gorgeous' just... doesn't regester with my brain aslmost as much as I can't register the fact that the negative ion Dichromate's formula is Cr2 O7 -1... only with subscripts that Gaia doesn't understand... and without the spaces.
    In case you couldn't tell, I'm just stoked about doing my chemistry homework at the moment.

    Community Member

    Sun Oct 28, 2007 @ 01:55am

    Be comforted in the fact that I still refuse to say things like "Hawt!11" ... Actually, I think I'm physically unable. I'd gag before I got through the H.

    User Comments: [11]
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