This is a new journal.User Image Continued from the last, just a different book. I hope nothing happens to my old one, I left it behind.
Ive got to find Alyssa. I didnt tell the others, but I have a hunch of where she might be. Ive got reason toUser Image believe that these people might be somehow connected to Morthsag and his old army.
At least, I found out that theyre using the same place, which is more than suspicious, right? So Im on my way to the Hidden Lands, and Morthsags castle.User Image

I cant help but think about what the others told me of the last time she was holed up there. I was asleep, of course. I think Morthsag still has a thing about her.... and that he kidnapped the others just for cover.... or to add to his Army; I mean, theyre all skilled fighters so it makes sense.

She might be tortured. I dont know what they might do. Why would he want to kidnap her?
User Image
Ive got to get a grip! I dont know why Im cr-
I mean, Im not crying.
I only want to find her so we can spar. I need someone to train on.
And yell at.User Image
And do spying with.
And play tricks on the others with.

Gah! Stupid memories! Go away....User Image