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You are my sweetest downfall.
Cuddle up baby move in tight we'll go dancing tomorrow night
Okay, I deffinatly think it's time to post a new journal.
What's up with me, eh?
I believe that the last time I posted I talked about a problem me and my best friend were having, and I'm happy to report that everything has been worked out. I think it was just a serious case of lack of communication... we just weren't talking to eack other anymore...
But it's all okay now, and I'm very glad.
Well... then there's my non-exsitent love-life to be talked about... because we all know there's a lot to be said...
So I talked about asking my friend out and how she had said no, that she wanted to get to know me better and that she needed to be more comfortable with displaying her sexuality and such (I don't know what's wrong with me, I tend to go after girls who want to kiss girls but kiss boys instead gonk ), and so lately it's been this little game of cat and mouse, you know?
God, I feel like some kind of courting knight or something... (Oh dear god... that's a pun... my school masscot is a Knight... so technically... I'm a Knight...) You guys know in the movies where they show the Knights courting the girls? Bringing them flowers, being nice, things like that? Yup, that's me...
Well yesterday we went to the mall for my friends birthday. I picked Leanna (Yeah, she's not on gaia, but it doesn't really matter, everyone, including her, already know...) up because she needed to go shoping. Well, things didn't pan out to well with Katie (the birthday girl) and seeing a movie, so I took off and went with Leanna shopping.
It was pretty fun. Just hanging out with her. And in one store she had me fricken blushing like an idiot...
She was trying on a shirt and I was waiting with all of the others by the counter. Me and the people waiting were all talking and they were like, "Oh, I thought you worked here." and I was like, "No, no, I'm just waiting for a friend." and right then she called out, "Corey Darling." Everyone looked, thinking, 'There aren't any guys in here...' and I was like, "Yeah?" trying not to laugh. All the ladies looked over to me. Leanna then said, "Come here, babe." and I went over to her. It was so funny how all the ladies were like, "Friend?" they looked really confused, heh, and then I saw the shirt Leanna had tried on and it was too small and she was like, showing me her bra and I was like
"Erm... a bit... erm... to small..."
Haha. I had to go get her a bigger size and I was like, all drained and it was just too funny...
I was being laughed at by the women and girls in the fitting room after that...
Just too funny...
It was fun but then Allyson and Kathleena showed up and I was all sad, lol, not that I didn't want them to be there... (well, I guess I didn't) But I just wanted to spend a bit more time with Leanna alone... I dunno...
Yesterday was still fun, all the same.
And I had a Gelopo, mmmm, that was tasty.

And the moral of all of my crazy story telling is:
My love life is non-existent, but attempting to start.

Onto more... erm... scary news...
I'm thinking about joining the army after I graduate...
It's scary though... and I've prolonged talking to my dad about it... but eventually I've got to... So I don't know...

Well... I'm to lazy to go on about anything else, and I've also got an RP to repost to...
sweatdrop wink
So I'll chat later.


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Community Member

Fri Sep 28, 2007 @ 10:25pm

What a funny story! I was laughing my butt off when I read that/ Good luck with her, btw.

Mairu Jivasu DF
Community Member

Sat Sep 29, 2007 @ 05:41am

Haha, yeah, that was pretty funny!! xD

User Comments: [2]
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