Once upon a time. that is how most fairy tales begin. You know the ones that are all make belive & always have a happy ending. Well this is a true story even though by the end of it you won't belive that it is. So i shall show you the world that you live in in a way that you could have never imagined possible.

Before we start let me first give you a little info the will make this a lot easier to understand. I am Kattie. I am tell ing this story from my point of veiw. It is the end of fifth grade & we had a huge tsuname over in africa if you people all remeber & im not exactly what you'd call popular. I was always a little overweight & never one to care what clothes i wore mostly because I grew up with guys & all I wear are jeans & baggy shirts. I was a chorus member & I loved to sing. Also I'd swear that turturing me in school was a graduation requirement. I was never one to have many friends either. Everyone in the school new my name but only about 10 of them acctually treated me like a friend the rest were just there to make my life miserable & honestly it worked. I can honestly say the for my entire 6 years of elementary school I might have had 20 good days. The rest were hell & a half. I was always telling off everyone just to hide my true pain. I was always the tomboy & almost no one really dared to really get me mad, but honestly i never really had a chance to build up self confindence. I'm still a very sensitive person I just hide it from everyone else. Even when my family members died i still couldn't show weakness so i just forced the smiled & kept going. I'm still not sure if that has made me strong or weak.

So there you have it. You basicly have my personality in a nutshell. so now that you understand me maybe you can understand ths story a little better. So let us begin & maybe you preps out there will understand that words really do hurt we just dont give you the pleasure of showing it.