Friends are like butt cheeks;
HeyHeyy! ♥♥

Hows it going? Me? I am great! Why? Well let me tell you...

Okay, so things have been a little rough emotionally for me lately, but all has been made up for! Finally after long last I am going out with Greg again! w00t!

Chance was being an annoying little s**t on Friday, the little ******** annoyed the s**t out of me! ******** him!

So yeah, Paul asked me out for the fourth time, and I rejected him for the fourth time. He is a great guy and all, but I just don't feel for him like that.

Okay, so Samara was trying to find people to ask out, and during that time, Greg had starting talking to me. He told me about what happened with Ashley, and said they broke up(again). So I asked Samara if I should ask him out, basically she said go for it, so I did. Of course I thought he would say no(naturally), but he told me, that he needed to think about it first. So I waited.
We talked for a while and then he told me he was 9990% sure he wanted to, so then he told me to go on cam, so I did. After a while of that, he said he was 9999% sure, and then asked if I wanted to go out with him and I said yeahh.
So basically, that is how it happened.

Yeahh! So happy! ^^

Anyway, I am out!

Much Love,

Shit may separate them,
but they always come back together.