So I went to Steven's party today, and it was quite the fun time!! ^^ Even though I ended up being the only girl who went, LOL. That's okay though ... I don't know any of Steven's friends who are girls anyways, except Karlie I guess. People who were there was me, Steven (obviously lol) Tai, Ricky, Sheldon, Jordan, Ty (he came after a while), two kids I didn't know, and one guy I forget the name of who dressed all in black and had a kick-a** cane.

Most of the evening was spent downstairs, where everyone played video games, or Magic cards, and talked and things. I actually found that part just a little boring, since I enjoy video games but in a big group like that I get dissatisfied with only doing that pretty quickly. In my opinion, the best part was near before I had to go, when we walked to the store then played at the park for a while.

I didn't want to leave so early, so I kept saying I wanted to walk, but Ricky and Sheldon wouldn't let me at all. e_e So in the end I had to take the bus back to this lonely house. >: Lol, it was funny to see them all chasing after the bus before it went, though. XDD

Amusingly, there was this one kid ( a 9th grader ) who kept hitting on me all night in subtle yet not so subtle ways. He was a nice guy, I have no problems being his friend, though I guess some of the things he said made me a little uncomfortable sometimes... O_o Oh well, it doesn't matter too much I guess.

Tomorrow is my little birthday get-together with the ToA group, which I really really hope can be at Sheldon's though if it can't I guess that's okay, but I still really want to do something for sure, so I hope everyone can make it. Now I guess I better go get my sleep so I won't be tired tomorrow, owasumi minna wa~ heart