So I've been pretty unhappy all week about a series of things. To sum it up, I've done something I shouldn't of, and now I'm paying the deserved harsh consequences. I'm ashamed of myself, but there's nothing that can done now, so all I have to do is try my hardest to make up for it.

Other then that, I've been okay I think, besides for the other day when I almost fainted in the school hallway and had to go home. ( this was just due to umm... girly problems... ) Stupid school wouldn't give me an Advil, so I had to go home before I curled up into a ball of pain on the floor and died silently inside. ( It's really usually not this bad.. maybe once a year... ) Guys have it so easy in that regard. z_z;; They will never know how much it HURTS.

I guess things aren't so lonely at school anymore now that me and Marc eat lunch every day together. He's a pretty fun person to talk to, and I see him in the hallways alot, so it's nice to stop and talk between classes. ( ILU too Azzy, but I like NEVER see you. Dx;; ) I'm trying to convince myself he doesn't like me more then a friend, but some of the evidence points to otherwise... -sighs- I'm still unsure about whether or not I have any sort of feelings for him. I guess maybe a tiny bit, but then that feeling alone is common and one that usually dies out after a few weeks, and sometimes I think and other times I don't care. He does call me almost every single day and ask me to do things with only the two of us though... I'm not sure what to make of that...

So, I'm really glad Steven invited me to his party, I was worried he wasn't going to because last time I asked he said 'maybe' and then I heard nothing about it so I did what I always do - assume the worst. Me and Sheldon decided if we hadn't been invited we do something anyways because it's my birthday weekend, but we were invited and I'm really happy because I was kinda hurt thinking about that I might not be... ^^;; He asked me to make him a cake, which I guess is no problem because I still have alot of supplies from last time, and only need to buy cake mix and frosting this time. I'm kinda hoping he asks for chocolate though, because I haven't gotten a single chance to make chocolate cake yet... lol.

Surprisingly, Ricky called me right after Steven did, even if only to rub in the fact that he was right about me and Sheldon being invited to Steven's party. xD;; We still talked for quite a while though ... it was interesting, as that's never happened before. O_o; ( talking on the phone like that I mean, but then I'm not much of a phone person. ) I actually forgot to call Sheldon because I was on the phone so much already... shocking, needless to say.

So, I finally finished Nanoha, and the ending was so happy, even if it was completely open-ended though that was intentional since there's still A's and StrikerS to go through. xD Before I can get on those though, I have to finish Haruhi and Pita Ten. After all of the Nanoha series, I'm thinking about whether or not I should pick between Shakugan no Shana, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, D. Gray-man, and Jigoku Shoujo. All of them are supposed to be good, so it seems impossible to just pick one.

Anyways, it's 11:40 PM so I should probably head to bed so I can actually wake up in the morning. x3; I'm feeling pretty good at this moment, so I hope some of that rubs off on tomorrow... byebye minna wa~