my RP characters:

i roleplay, a ninja, a crack addict, a guy with split personality disorder, a drunk. thats the main ones.

about each RP character,

ninja: based off naruto, i have many jutsus and some back story.

japanese name:
yamash*ta kenta

sensei name: kuroda akiri

my look:
black jeans, black t shirt, jonin vest (green), black shoes, red cloud village headband (worn on head), long ponytail split into 2 parts by wrapping headband around it.

2 black nunchaku (nunchucks), a machete named chukiba (rat fang), and a trichuck (triple staff)

genin level
rai taijutsu (lightning body technique)
rai kamijutsu (lightning hair technique)
iyashi rai jutsu (healing lightning technique)

chunin level
raikyuu (lightning ball)
raigeki no yoroi (lightning armor)
rai kamibishi jutsu (lightning hair whip technique)

jonin level
raibunshin no jutsu (lightning clone technique)
rai chu kuchiyose no jutsu (lightning rat summoning technique)

anbu level
rairyuu no tatsumaki (lightning dragon tornado)

crack addict: insulting, spontaneous, random, snorts crack for energy boost.

split personality guy: (possibly my favorite) focuses around my split personalities, seth and zack.

seth: kind, honest, intelligent, likes to help people.

zack: crude, mean, strong, like to drink alot.

drunk: this one is pure for laughs, i become very random saying strange things and hiccuping alot, falling over, stumbling, rude, hits on everyone (guys and girls) etc.