Plan to Escape

Ayane, Kenshin and, Rei was out in the streets of Ashenvale early in the morning. There was dusty and a grey mist blocking in there sight.
“Fog of war?” Kenshin asked.
“No, this is the debris of some of the security buildings that were bombed during the invasion, like the communications tower, barracks, academies, and watch towers,” Rei explained.
“So how are we going to get out of the city, if we can’t see where we are going?”
”I’m going to use a magic ability used by priestess, it’s called a scouting,” Rei explained.
“Cool, what does it do?” Ayane asked.
“Obviously, you scout, duh,” Kenshin said to Ayane with a “hello? Common sense” face.
“I know, I’m just asking for the details.”
“Anyhow, the scouting ability lets me summon a small glowing pixie, which is only seen by people who see me summon it, when there job is done they just fade away,” Rei explained to both Ayane and Kenshin.

After the explanation, she immediately summons two pixies and, sent them to different directions.
“There that should do, those sould be reporting back to me in 2 hours,” Rei explained.
“Two hours?!” Ayane complained.
“Yeah, those pixies can see everything a 100 meters away and the city is big too,” “Is something wrong?” Rei asked.
“No and never mind I said that,” Ayane said while rolling her eyes.
“So what now, what are we going to do sit here and wait?” Kenshin asked.

“Oh, I almost forgot," "Drink this potion,” Rei said to Kenshin and Ayane while passing out the potion filled with blue glowing liquid substance.

“Wait one moment, I’m not drinking this “blue thing” unless you tell me what it is” Ayane said in doubt.

“Don’t worry,” “I know what I’m doing, this is an anti-poison potion,” Rei explained.

“Poison from what?”

“Poison from the air you breathing,” “This debris contains led poisoning and other harmful chemicals,” “By drinking this, you protected yourself from these harmful chemicals,” Rei explained.

Ayane and Kenshin quickly drank the potion.

Ayane quickly whispered to Kenshin “she’s out smarting us and I don’t like it.”

“I still trust her though,” Kenshin whispered back.

“Why do you trust her so greatly?” Ayane asked in a quiet voice.

“Cause she saved our lives,” Kenshin explaining while whispering.

“Rei, how old are you?” Ayane asked.

“Thirty-five years old, why do you ask,” Rei answered and asked

“Oh and we were just wondering”

. Ayane whispered back to Kenshin “No wonder she is smarter than us, she is like twelve years older than us.”

“Oh ok,” he whispered back.

“So like I said before what are we going to do sit here and wait?” Kenshin asked.

“Basically, yes until those pixies come back.

The three waited and talked about them selves and ect.