Plan to liberate

The three were walking through the halls of the monastery. "So what’s your name," Ayane asked Rei. "Rei, Rei Komiyo," replied Rei as she walks. "Kenshin this is Rei, Rei Kenshin," Ayane introduced. "We already know each other," Kenshin said. "Oh, I didn’t know," she said embarrassed. "Its ok, your name is Ayane right?" Rei asked. Ayane replied with another question "Yeah Ayane Kuro, how did you know?" "Kenshin told me and, I looked at your ID card from the univesity," Rei replied. Ayane moved up to Kenshin and, whisper up ear "How come you didn't tell me who this woman was and why did you tell her my name?" Ayane looked at Kenshin and elbowed him at the shoulder. "Well first of all I can't introduce people to other people it just hard and, I didn't tell her anything," Kenshin whispered back without hesitation. "Hmm....fine, I believe you," Ayane said in doubt. They walked and talked all the way to the courtyard since then.

In the courtyard the mistress was waiting for her visitors came. The battle still went on as you hear in the background. Ayane, Rei and, Kenshin finally came to courtyard. “Finally you have arrived, I have been waiting for a long time,” the mistress spoke. “Sorry for the long wait mistress,” Rei said. “Listen, you must go the two of you, there is no time the Ashenvale is almost captured and I need you to find two friends of mine,” the mistress said to Ayane and Kenshin. She continued “There names are Nikira Vash and Jenni Karsa, they are the only ones that can liberate Ashenvale,” “How,” Ayane questioned. “Nikira was a former war general and she has an army of elite soldiers called The 41st legion, the 41st legion was ban from the city from Nikira’s strategies in war” the mistress said. “Why didn’t the solders leave the legion?” Kenshin asked. “They did not leave cause of Nikira’s face, her beauty was so perfect that she was a called a goddess, and her solders would do anything she says,” the mistress explained. “What about Jenni?” asked Ayane. The mistress replied with an unexpected reply “Jenni, Jenni is a demon.”
“How was she a demon?” Ayane asked. “She is cold hearted and powerful, one look at he eyes and you’ll cower in fear” the mistress spoke in caution. “No more questions just find them,” the mistress spoke. “But we don’t know where to start?” Ayane said. “Oh sorry, I forgot,” the mistress said in embarrassment. “Nikira and her army is in the forest of Moonglade they have a fortress there, tell her that you were sent by me.“ The mistress said. “Ok but what about Jenni?” asked Ayane “Jenni is lost, I haven’t seen her for a long time,” the mistress said “Perhaps Nikira knows, so anyways go you are dismissed and take Rei with you she might be useful for her abilities to use magic and healing skills,” the mistress spoke as she went away. Kenshin, Ayane, and Rei walked out of the monastery and set of on their journey to liberate the city of Ashenvale