Last night me and Mark went to see Superbad. Originally we were gonna go see Halloween because he likes horror flicks and that was the one he wanted, but although I was just gonna do what he wanted, in the end I chickened out because I KNEW that movie would give me nightmares. T__T I want to be able to sleep for the next week kthnx. So we went to go see Superbad instead, as we heard it was funny and the plot seemed interesting.

First me and Mark met up in front of the school, talked for a while with Angela, then she left and we walked to my house and lounged around for a little while. I introduced him to ToA and we played briefly before my mom kicked us out of the living room. Then we went to go play Stepmania where he goggled over my skills ( which aren't that great compared to alot of people ) and struggled to play on Light. xD; That was still fun.

So around 8:30-ish we left to go, but as soon as we stepped outside we figured out it was raining! So I was like, "Wai, I better grab my jacket ... it won't kill us, I guess." But as we were walking it alternated between getting ligher and harder, and the wind was so crazy my hair was whipping my face. So I pulled the hood of my jacket over my face and tried to save some of my hair, and I didn't forget to 'uguu' the whole way there, because we were DRENCHED to the bone.

I wanted to get there early to play some DDR, but I forgot I wasn't given enough for DDR AND a drink, so there was no DDR to be had, and we sat around the tables for 20 minutes talking. Eventually we went inside, and well... watched the movie.

And an interesting movie it was. O_o It was about two guys' and their life ambition to be laid, and to do so they had to go through a whole chorus of events to bring alcohol to this party so they could get these girls they like drunk and "get some". The humor was very funny albeit sexual, so I laughed alot. If such things don't bother you, I'd reccomend this movie, it really has it's awesome moments. x3

Cops: "OH s**t, IT'S THE COPS!" Luuuulz.

Yeah, so we walked back to my house ( luckily no rain but the wind was even worse ... I swear it could just pick me up and fly me away. ) and by the time we got there it was like 1:30-ish, but we talked for a half-an-hour or more, so then it was like two in the morning, and Mark was supposed to be walking to his Aunt's ( who lives in Algonquin ) and I was like, "It's really dark and this time is dangerous, I don't want you walking home in this." Yeah, because I mean, anything could happen at that time of night, so he just stayed the night instead.

Now him and Mike ( my brothers' friend, and hey guess what, they're brothers. XD ) are playing Perfect Dark Zero while I write this out, waiting for the guys to sign in because I want to see if I can plan a ToA night today. Yeah... I mentioned in my previous entry I was avoiding almost everyone, which I pretty much am, but my anger is dwindling down and I think I'll be fine being around Shel and Steven again. I can't help but wonder where they are though, because no one's signed on... I bet they're all together without me... T__T Well, I hope I can make tonight work, I want them to meet Mark too, I bet they'd all make great friends.

Well, that's all for now, sayonara minna wa~