The world seems to be against me. I have done nothing wrong, I have not harmed another soul, nor wronged them in any way I am aware of. Why then am I so hated? I am lonely, yet really to shy to do anything about it.... Except for here, online. There are no people, just pixels. No strange silences, just down-time. I am free of all constraints and can be who I am. Which, I admit, is a little perverted. Just the innocent stuff, mind; nothing WRONG. Wrong being anything along the lines of Beastiality, pediphilia, necrophilia, any such desturbing and downright disgusting thing. I AM NOT THAT! I am nothing I souldn't be, yet I have nothing. No one to hold. No one to love. I am alone. Mothers shy thier children from me in the street, looking at me in fear. Why? Do I appear somehow sinister? Are my celestial bodies somehow perminatly out of alignment? Am I an evil thing, waiting to become what I am to be? I am not, not at all. I will never be that, yet that is how I am treated; as a disease, something that will disappear if it is cut from a person's life. I may seem cold here, but I'm not, really; I get seriously depressed, and when that happens, I hate the world. I have never been on a date. I know......pathetic. That is what I am; a pathetic excuse of humanity, a waste of perfectly good flesh. I can't even get my friends to spend time with me on my BIRTHDAY. I must have some deformity that only others can see. I can think of no other explaination. I am hated by the world, and that is the truth of my life.