The Monstary part 2

Kenshin woke up and looked around. He realized that he was still in the med-lab with bandages on his arm and chest. He got up and grabbed his katana, walk to the door that leads to the corridor to other side of med-lab, opened it and came out to see Ayane.

Rei was talking on the phone in with the mistress. "Gather our guest to the main courtyard, where I will meet them" the mistress ordered from the phone. "Ok," Rei answered. She walk to a water fountain and used her magic. The water soon started to show where Kenshin and Ayane is. It showed Ayane sleeping while Kenshin was walking to the door to Where Ayane is.

She teleported to the operating room in the med-lab where Ayane lays asleep. Rei looks out the, window seeing that the battle still goes on. Kenshin walked into the room
"Is she going to be alright?" Kenshin asked Rei. "I already am," Ayane answered. "Oh I didn’t see you awake yet," Kenshin explained. He continued " Are you well enough to travel?" "Yeah I am," Ayane spoke "Good, The mistress will like to greet you," Rei said strictly. She conntinued "Lets go the mistress awaits, she has something to say and its urgent." "Ok, Ayane lets go" Ayane got up and grabbed her bow and stuff. They opened the door and walked out.