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Tomo-kun's Journal
Random crap that I'll make you listen to.
The Vampire of Oz: Part II
Adonis jumped slightly at the interruption and turned around, expecting to see a person standing behind him. However, there was no one that he could see. He pulled his glasses off and cleaned them with his t-shirt before returning them to his face. Really, the only remotely humanoid thing in the area was a peculiar scarecrow. It was dressed quite elaborately in gold and white silks and a wide brimmed hat perched on top of its curl covered head. The wind seemed to push the ebony hairs into its golden eyes and it wore a disgruntled expression as if annoyed by this fact.

"Hate to interrupt your inner monologue, there," the voice began again, "But if you aren't using your brain, would you mind giving it to me?"

Adonis looked around once more and finally locked eyes on the scarecrow. "D-Did you just speak to me?" he asked, suddenly feeling extremely foolish. The scarecrow's black lips parted to speak once more.

"I believe you are the only person around to speak to. Although, I'm mistaken quite a bit." He shrugged and sighed, "This is due to the fact that I haven't got a brain."

Adonis thought about this for a few moments. Of course, he was also adjusting to the fact that the scarecrow was moving and talking to him on its own.

"I... I'm still using mine." He decided to say. "Are you sure you don't have one? Most brainless scarecrows I know don't... talk." Adonis pointed out. The scarecrow seemed to ponder this because he was silent for quite a while before replying. Either that, or his lack of brain had stole from him the ability to judge time and space.

"Well, either way, I'm really uncomfortable. Would you mind getting me down?"

"Oh! Of course!" Exclaimed Adonis, stepping forward to bend down the nails the scarecrow was hanging from. The straw being slid down gracefully and landed beside the boy without so much as a tear in his clothing.

"My name is Adonis." The human introduced, "I'm going to the Emerald City to see this Wizard guy. He's going to send me back to my home in New York City."

"Mind if I come along? Maybe the Wizard can give me a brain." The scarecrow asked, "Almost forgot! You can call me Adrian." he added, extending a gloved hand to his new friend.

"It's quite a pleasure to meet you, Adrian." The brunette replied, taking the offered hand to shake it. "I think I'd like some company on my way."

"Excellent! Which way? Afraid I'm not very good with directions. No brain and all..." Adrian said as he looked left and right.

"That... Artimis guy... of the North. He said just to follow the Yellow Brick Road and, apparently, it'll lead to the Emerald City."

"That seems straightforward enough." Adrian mused, glancing toward the road.

"Are you positive you don't have a brain? You seem very articulate to me." the boy tried to confirm, staring at the other as if trying to see the brain hiding somewhere.

"Oh yes! I'm extremely positive. Would you like to see?" the straw man asked, placing his hands on his cheeks as if intending to pull his head off right there.

Adonis gasped and pulled at Adrian's wrists, "No! That's okay!" He cried a little overly enthusiastically. He wasn't sure what he'd see inside the scarecrow's head, but he really didn't want to find out.

Adrian shrugged and lowered his hands, "Alright." He said casually, "Well, you won't get back to New York City just standing here. Shall we go?" he suggested, already starting off down the path. He was extremely proficient at walking for a scarecrow.

"Hmm? Right!" Adonis acknowledged, trotting a little to catch up with Adrian.

"So, Adonis, how did you come along the Ruby Converse?" The brainless one asked conversationally. The human tilted his head a little and went into a deep explanation of his morning, including his lovely shower, but mostly of how the storm picked up his club, how that poor vampire got crushed, and how he met Artimis and the Munchkins. By the time he was finished with his tale, they were well into the forest.

"I've only been here a few hours, so I honestly don't know the area at all." He lamented, receiving an understanding nod in return.

"If you think that's rough, try viewing the world from a cornfield, stuck to a--"

"Help!" The voice that interrupted them came from a little ways off the road. It was desperate, but not quite panicked. Adonis and Adrian exchanged glances before stepping off the path toward the outcry.

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