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chapter 3
The Monastary part 1

Kenshin was running with Ayane to the monastary, with Ayane's arm broken she couldn't use her bow. "steady...aim...fire..-BOOM-" a bullet came and struck Ayane once more, this time on the leg. "ahhh" Ayane screamed. Kenshin quckly carried Ayane. He ran for their lives just to reach the monastary.

Once there were in side they were greeted bye the handmaidens of the monastary. "Hand us your wepons and you shall not be harmed," one of the handmaidens said "Can you help us," Kenshin asked in a weak voice. "I will not say this again, Lay down your wepons and you shall not be harmed" the handmaiden demanded. During those momments, Kenshin fainted. The Mistress came into the scene and gave an order to treat them well.

Kenshin woke up, "ughh, where am I?" "You are in the med-lab of the monastary," a handmaiden answered. "Monastary?" Kenshin asked. Little by little, his memories started to return. "Ayane, where is sh-!" Before Kenshin could even say his words he was stopped by the pain of his wounds. "ughh, ow," Kenshin moaned. "Rest, your friend Ayane is ok." the handmaiden answered. "where is she?" Kenshin said softly. "Shes in the other room, her wounds were much more critical," the handmaiden said. "She was lucky that she survived, without my training, she would have never lived" the Handmaiden continnued. "Thank you for saving her, um.." "The name is Rei" the handmaiden said. "Thank you Rei," Kenshin replied. Kenshin went back and took his rest.

The road of redemption is a long one, but I think I'm doing great so far.
Thank you[/align:61bb8e18af]

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-Crazy Luna Dreamer-
Community Member

Fri Sep 07, 2007 @ 02:37am

i get this one.. oay.. me get it! 3nodding

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