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Tomo-kun's Journal
Random crap that I'll make you listen to.
The Vampire of Oz: Part I
Adonis DeHart pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he glanced out the bathroom window. Those clouds did not look good at all. Lamia Host Club was unusually empty that afternoon and he could only hope that his friends had taken cover somewhere. The radio had informed him earlier that day that one of the worst storms of the summer was about to roll through New York. Adonis was beginning to get the feeling that this was a bit more than just a bad storm.
He rinsed his hair and stepped out of the shower as he wrapped a towel around his waist. Hearing a loud crack of thunder, He dressed quickly and walked hastily into his room. The wind was picking up quite a bit and things like mailboxes and garbage cans. After a few moments, it began to feel as if the club itself was being blown around. The sky got darker and it was impossible to see the city beyond the window. Lamia tilted and creaked with the wind as it flew through the storm. Every second it came just a little bit closer to breaking apart entirely. Just when Adonis was sure it was the end for the poor little host club, the world seemed to come to a sudden calm. The wind stopped and the building came to a rest. Adonis stared for a few moments, trying to figure out what just happened. Stepping out of his room, he walked downstairs figuring he would look things over to see what he had to replace and fix. Adonis slipped his jacket on, stepped outside and froze.
Before the teen was a vibrant range of hills and valleys. Nestled inside the nearby landscape were what looked like dozens of tiny elaborate birdhouses. Each one Adonis looked at seemed more and more unique than the last.

"This is so not New York City." He murmured to himself. Just as he reached up to touch one of the miniature buildings, a small colorful body collided with his outstretched hand. He jerked back as if burned and adjusted his glasses. What was that thing? Looked almost like a... pixie...?

"Don't mind the Munchkins." Said a voice. Adonis whirled around to a tall golden haired man. He parted his lilac tinted lips to speak again, "They have a bad temper, but they're a kind race." He explained before leaning in to examine the boy. "Tell me. What type of vampire are you?"

Adonis's eyes widened at the strange and very abrupt question. "Vampire? I'm not a vampire. Just a human boy!"

The lilac clad being arched a blonde eyebrow and gazed up at Lamia. "You mean to tell me a human picked up that club and dropped it here?"

Adonis turned to face the host club and shrugged, "I guess I did." He murmured, stepping closer to check out the parking job. It wasn't all that good. Adonis winced as he looked down at a pair of half-crushed legs. Each foot was adorned with a shining blood red sneaker. They almost seemed to sparkle like crystal.

"Those are pretty cool." Adonis said to himself, completely ignoring the fact that he was standing over a potentially dead person as he observed the dazzling Chuck Taylors.

"You smushed my brother under a night club for his shoes? I mean, they're snazzy and all, but really..." The flamboyantly dressed one trailed off in moderate disgust.

"I didn't do it on purpose!" Adonis defended, "The wind carried the building. I just happened to be inside it at the time."

Artimis pierced Adonis's body with his lilac eyes and finally sighed, "Either way, the Elder is not going to be very pleased with you. I'd get out of here while you still can." He advised. "I assume you want to get to this... New York... place. You'll want to see the Wizard about that."

Adonis tilted his head as if he were letting all this weird information fill his head like a bucket. Wizards? Who was the Elder? And what the hell were those Munchkin things, anyway? "Okay..." He said, confusion evident in his voice. Artimis took Adonis by the shoulders gently and pointed him towards the vast empty landscape as he bent down to pull the sneakers off the lifeless feet beside them.

"See that yellow road?" He asked as he handed the sneakers to Adonis, gesturing to his feet to indicate that he wanted the other to put them on. Not wanting to argue with the man who didn't bat an eye at the death, Adonis obliged. "You'll want to follow it all the way until you reach the Emerald City. The people there will take you to the Wizard, who will take you home." He explained, giving the human boy a little nudge once his shoes were tied, "My name is Artimis, the Vampire of the North. I'm on your side, but that doesn't mean anyone else here will be. Just... Keep a level head and try not to kill any more people, okay?"

"Uh..." Adonis stumbled along the yellow brick road, barely remembering to throw a, "Thank you!" over his shoulder as he walked. The tall lilac man and the Munchkin village were not things he wanted to be around for long, so he hurried on his way. The countryside was actually quite beautiful and the golden road looked simple and organic alongside it.

"I'm in the weirdest storm of my life, stuck in this backwater town, wearing a dead guy's shoes." He recounted to himself. "Why am I here, again?"

"You shouldn't talk to yourself." A new voice advised from the nearby cornfield. "You never know when someone might answer back."

Author's notes:
Firstly, I hope you enjoyed reading part one and continue to enjoy it!
I'd like to let you all know that, while I'd like to have everyone's characters incorporated into the story, some characters either don't fit with the Oz characters or I just don't know enough about to write for them well. Some people, who shall remain nameless -coughadriancough- have many characters that fit well into the story. I'm not trying to favor those people. Yes, he is!, I'm just putting people where I think they'd go best.
Secondly, this is based on the 30's movie adaption of the Wizard of Oz for three reasons. 1) More people recognize that version better. 2) I haven't read the book since I was about 12. 3) Red is my favorite color and I am well aware that the slippers were originally silver.
Lastly, I'm resetting everyone's character races for the sake of continuity... Not that it really matters in this story. >.>

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  • User Comments: [3]

    Tomo, you must /made/ my life with this! I love it so far!
    I was had a complete 'wtf' moment before I realize ti was the Wizard of Oz! Quite something else that brain of yours is.
    (btw, did you squish who I think you did ._.?)

    comment Adrian Regis · Community Member · Tue Sep 04, 2007 @ 05:36am
    ( erm. Wtf.? Double post? 10 minutes later?)

    comment Adrian Regis · Community Member · Tue Sep 04, 2007 @ 05:41am
    *tackle* I LOVE THIS

    comment Adonis_DeHart · Community Member · Tue Sep 04, 2007 @ 05:53am
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