,,Most can't stand loneliness...I greet it with open arms, the cold and unforgiving wind of silent and solitude...I feel well wen I am all by myself and I feel alone and still cramped when I am with others, some may ask the question: "How can you feel alone when you are surrounded by people?!" the answer is quite simple,really,you can feel alone and cramped in a a place with others surrounding you, for if no one is your friend in there you are alone for only a friend can give you the halt, the sentiment of acceptant in this cold, cruel, unfair, gray-black world, when a true friend is with you somewhere you don't feel bad, lonely or cramped for you have a friend next to you there, someone that accepts you, someone there for you, someone you can truly talk to and that you also understand, accept, help and listen to what they say be it sad or be it funny, be it a problem or be it a joke a true friend will listen and laugh with and not at the other, a true friend will help and maybe even cry with the other and not at his/her pain...If you do not see or talk to a true friend or if you do not have one at all then solitude is the Heaven for one's self, for you do not feel lonely nor cramped nor do you not feel well, you can think you can write you can do another hobby and no one will be staring at you like as if waiting for you to make a mistake and then laugh at you, no one will harm you and if you were mocked and wore thrown at with harsh words or even things you can in relax solitude and eventually calm down if people come then and some start simply saying stop crying they are not true friends for true friends will know that if you cry you shall feel better after words then force your self to stop and let the pain wound you more inside, a true friend will try to help you by telling you to not give up and to bare it a bit longer, they will not make you feel like as if it is your fault when others have made you cry for nothing but because they did not have what else to do! a true friend will not try to pat you like an animal but will hold you and try to calm you down in a way that you won't feel bad and will not make you feel stupid, if you do not have a true friend at your side you shall be happier in solitude then surrounded by people that try to harm you or try to comfort you in a mocking gesture or for there own benefit! I don't see my true friend very much and therefor my sanctuary is solitude and I adore it..."

I really think like that, and it is also true. This isn't an ideea that just happened to come to my mind, even if it started like that, it is what I really think and feel.