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Christmas_My_Angel :: 2k, water meat, Silver Bracelet, Cig, Cloud Zebra Wrap, Trap Jaw, White Stockings, Purple Medical Scrub Pants, Alien Probe, Drop Earrings, Black Strapless Bra,Soft Black Underwear, Gold Mountain Red Tie (Red Heart), Grunny, Momo the monkey.

`S p a z z Attack - Demonic Anklets

[-Erik-] - Lucky Star

Pameisback - Luna Scythe, 130 F baits, 31.8k, Ebony Butterfly Terrycloth Tube-Top, ink (gold white), 25 cans, 3.8k in tickets.

_Sarcastic_Bagel_ - Marshmallow Snowman, Deadly Mood Bubble, Aquatica. -Her account- (100k)

[Chaos blade] - Those 70s white Pants

LabTech David - Decorative Daisy, 20.2k , Blue Torque Shades, Gold Mountain Tie (Red Heart), Neo Punk Sock, 100 tokens, 150 tickets, 45k, Thank you letter for December, Gift Box, Pearls,Masquerade 5th Gen, $25 gaia card, January Birthstone Cape

IIchigo Kurosaki - 39.5k

TheUnkwon -18.2k

Aweetuh~ - Were Feet

xxpaper_cutxx - Gwee The Dragon

xNowhere K i d s - Yellow Torque Shades, Outlaw Biker Pants - Coal, Coco Kitty, TLDR (1a), Water Meat Set, Everyone’s Reprise

Y o k o k y u u b i - Fresh Grass Hat, Dead Sexy Onyx Skull Pin, Purple-Red Winter Scarf, Custom Made Star Profile.

UNKNOWN PERSON -Tiny Pixie Wings

MegaArkia - .-_.- glasses, Bao

Anything_82 - Purple/Blue Sun Visor, grunny slippers, YHBT Hat

navi_ocarina - Fresh Grass Hat, 200g, 3 wall tile, 1 floor tile, Carrot plush, Jack's Grab Bag 2k7 (2 of 8 ), Drop Necklace.

Pandzilla - Paper Party Hat

Icetears - MTV White Designer Handbag

Blood_Love_Insanity - Tuga the Narwhal Plush

SosoJoe - Nitemare Collar

Toadish2007 - Fresh Grass Skirt

Kuro Neko Ryu - Alruna's Rose, White Bun-Bun Plushie, White Bunny Hoodie, Death Whisper, Grace of Aphrodite, Onyx Milady Surcoat, Anima Adamantea, Elegant Veil

Dj Chip - Demonic Anklets

Lame Jose - 18.5k

Ceezmoney - Death Whisper, June 2008 Letter

EddieGillspie- Skeleton, 143 tickets, 100g

Hangover Bill - Pora Ice Gen. 4

Mazidox - 2594 tokens,Christian Siriano's Cream Ruffled Hoodie, Briar’s Shot

Forgotten Soul Gagato - 452 tickets

I Krazed -79 tickets

Vikingore - Panda Plushie

Tobi loves deidara - 5.8k

Sasherr - Gaia 2nd Anniversary Balloon, Plain Fluff Plushie, Black Reading Glasses, Prisoner's Shackles, Dashing Gentlemen Diamond Vest, Blue MehTRO T with Cross, Doctors Parabolic Reflector, Gold Milady Cauls.

Hyper Sex - Penguin Slippers

Fallen_death_angel13 - Flamingo feather boa

Pink Dinosaur Panties - Entourage Shades, Jenny Doll, 228k, Head Of Night, Romantic Knight Aphrodite, Horns Of The Demon, Kandi Kitten, MC letter for June 2013 x3, Ornith Schoolboy.

Alucard Marivep - Tropical Disease, Black Daruma Doll, Infernal Spirit, Wed to Darkness. Around 16mil in items, $25 Gaia Cash.Raging Night Jewel, Ted and Dusky, Mizuchi’s Jewel, Majnun, Compass of Seidh -Quit-

Altus Dei - White Bunny Fleece Hat, Lonely Star, 170k

darkwalkerx - Pearls

iZ e b r u h - Fresh Garlic Dress, Black Wolf

Rhapsody Of Shadows - Pearl Sparkle Empire Dress

thecriderman -Vanilla Buttercream Rose, Powder Blue Sweet Lace Alice Bow.

Ikuo Sempai - Green & Yellow Saloon Girl’s Dress, Red Web Stockings, and Beryl Remedy.

Habriel - 4.6k, Henrietta, Dusty White WildWest Duster Coat

Zee Lost Ghost - Carlos The Alpaca, Nihonzaru

xDeadly_Beaver - Chanho The Tiger Plushie x2

Fritzish - Angus The Scottish Plushie

Goddess Falls - Prize Collection ‘09

Apologetic Theory - Everyone’s Reprise, Black Body Dye, Black Heavenly Unmentionables, Underground Sound, Grim Reaper , 112k

iSixty-Nine - 320k

Ray Pest - 5k

Htlr - The Case Of Pietro

Proteger - Radio Jack Slippers, In my closet, 220k, Ornate Orange Blossom Hairpin

ll Stormy Boots ll - Puss in Kamik

Sophism - Lumiere Noire

Auxilio Ab Alto - Apprentice Charm, Gimpi, Zebra Sukutai, Lover’s Anarchy, Le Saltimbanque, Asian Acrobatics, Les Freaks, Gothique Harlequin, Thank you letter October 2010, Malice Punk, Keen Bandit, Mod Geisha, Shinjuku Nobody, Arcana Break Bundle ( 9 pack), July 2011 Sealed Advance Chance, Mystery of the Stolen Sapphire, Le Carousel, Zorya Polunochnaya, Cloud Iridescence, Checkmate Void, Highwire Veronica, Pious Cleric, Oisin’s Blessing, Faustine’s Bottle.

illicit sex - Beat Gear, SDPlus #006 Moira, The Public Zoo’s Hickup

WTCrap - Omfg, Lady Justice’s Armor, Red wing, Hell Prison Guard, Plasma Gear x2, Mizuchi’s Jewel x2, The Troll, Horns of the Demon, Ancient Defender, Zephyr Tasset, Oculus Mythica, Oculus Magica, 580k, My Sweet Murder, Trilune's Covenant 3rd Gen, Nurse Hazard, Lovely Diction x3, The Lusty Scoundrel.

Teasing You - Nice Style For Work, 100k, Demon Vassal

Beta Stage - Faun Legs

Adamai - Artificial Love Song, Sassy Bass

Struggles - Cafe Miam, Parcel Post Gen. 2, Marooned Lass, Devilish Dancer, Kuro’s Induction, Monster Masquerade., 2.6m, Lamenting Lucie, Lady Chimes

Vhaanie - Luxurious Lucie, Rookie Detective, Striking Thief, Pandaista, Sainte Ciel: Thanatos, Vega's Love, M's Sketchbook, D's Sketchbook

filthy humans - Son of Cordis, Wayward's Son, Counterfeit Bride, Counterfeit Widow, Punishing Superbia, Koi, The Somber Ringmaster, Puppeteer, kepler-22b, Kama's Persuasion

Godlu - Bunny March, Keiko's Trifle, Coustou

lts Danni - Daniel's Wings, Coral Artemis

WtheC - 1.6m

If I missed anything you have donated please let me know!!!

`T o x i c Muffin
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  • [01/12/08 05:47pm]
  • [09/03/07 05:07pm]
  • [06/09/07 06:05pm]

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    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Fri Nov 23, 2007 @ 04:55pm
    Cool things that people donated you!~

    commentCommented on: Sun Aug 17, 2008 @ 04:30pm
    Damn thats a lot.

    Community Member
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