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project shadow1337's Journal
This is my journal, i keep my thoughts here about people and my life. Feel free to talk to me if you wish.
i like band, i am a good math student, i like playing the trombone, i'm intelligent, i like trying new things, i like playing video games with others, i like playing video games by myself, i like girls, i'm not crazy about relationships when it comes to boyfriend/girlfriend, i like helping people with their problems, i like offering advice,i enjoy talking with people, i'm not incredibly built and i dont care, i dont care who a person is if they talk to me, i hate people who are assholes when i offer advice, i am open minded, i open my heart to all, i am who i am, not someone else. If anyone is to have a problem with this they can meet my middle finger and take themselves to the wussy department where they belong.

part two
Relationships... what's the hurry? I mean, why would i want to get in a relationship when i have other things i can be doing? Why should i be forced into shoving my face into a girls face and see how long i can make her hold on? Girls to me are like guys only that they make more openhearted ideas. If someone has a problem, should i help them out or let my gf give me a lap dance? For all i care, relationships are nothing but an addon, uneccissary, unidealistic, and nothing more than a blockade. I mean, if you get into a relationship, somehow you may end up making a mistake, so why hurry now when you can get into one later with better maturity about it. I would rather wait than make a mistake that could affect the rest of my life, plus hormones at this teenage age would bring heartbreak, something i would rather avoid. So in conclusion, to hell with a relationship uneccissary and to hell with my needs to date a hot girl who is going to be nothing but an a** to me and use me because i make better as a homework silo. Pehraps this is not the best of options, but it is the safest. Perhaps i'll regret this later, but whatever! I'm surrounded by girls who have one problem or another: one is flirtateous, several are taken, one is dissaproved by my mom, and one...well i would rather not say. Unfortunatly this has all led to heartbreak within analysis, but it's for the best. I want the best for my friends, i care for them so much, some i have had crushes on, others not. I should remember never to harbor any feelings for someone because later i'm going to regret it. I just must remember that relationships is an add on. I will still love my friends, save for an exception which i must contemplate, but i will care for those who think about me, i would even take a bullet for someone i dont know. But relationships is nothing more than a mere add on. This is my analysis.

final ipiphany of the night
As i read through the comments on my past journal entries, i must remember to add that i have a lot of loving friends on gaia and in real life that would be willing to do anything for. I love you all, thank you.

project shadow1337
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  • User Comments: [2]
    yay for shadow!!! ((all of them)) oh, and shadow says "hi shadow." and so does my sister. she's wierd.... very wierd......

    comment spellstutter · Community Member · Sat Jun 11, 2005 @ 07:03am
    yo, i like reading ur journal and well....i aint good at commetning so just one question:
    What is an ipiphany??
    is it like a thought??

    comment ~Homicidal Marshmallow~ · Community Member · Thu Jun 23, 2005 @ 06:51pm
    User Comments: [2]

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