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Name: Jack Ketch
NickName(s): Captain, Jackie, & Spike Butt
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human; reincarnation
Blood Type: O/ Rh negative
Religion: Atheist
DOB: January, 13, ????
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Status:taken, by Kat Ketch
Good Personality Traits: Easy come easy go, confident, philosophical & an I.Q. of 217
Bad Personality Traits: Chain smoker, heavy drinker, extremely jealous & holds grudges
Occupation: Pirate


Hair: Dirty dish water blonde
Eye(s): Dark Brown (left) Iris gone, cornea gone, quite literally a widened pupil with visible retina and optic nerve in the back that emits white flashes time to time (right)
Height: 183 cm or 6’0”
Weight: 172 lbs.
Body Fat: 11.2%
Physical: Jack would come off as an unhealthy looking man and not a force to be reckoned with. His skin is pale, he often has bags under his eyes and all his teeth are filed down to a sharp point except the top 4 incisors. Along Jack's body he has a clean shaven chest, a bit of a happy trail leading down to trimmed and shaven privates. His legs still a bit hairy though. Scars; he had one on his wrist, a large one amongst his right shoulder, many here and there, one on his thigh, and along his left ankle there seemed to be a trail of cigarette burns. His ribs show, and his pecks along with a nice four pack are defined. He has a V cut along his inner thighs and lower abdomen, and his hip bones protrude. His face is thin, with a fine stubble along his chin, shaven around the sides and neck. In each ear there was a piercing at the lobe, a plug in the shape of a ball with a small cone like protrusion from the back, cast in a mythril coat. His tongue ring is a steel iron mold with a sapphire bulb. It’s always cool, frozen to the touch. His hair has slight bangs that all go to the left, parting a bit, and then going down to the right near the corner of his small widows peek, that was all covered up by the spikes. His hair is light at the roots and darker as it progresses. Wardrobe consists usually of fine dress shirts, skin tight pants, and finely shined steel-toe boots. On his personal at all times can be found a pack of cigarettes, a silver Zippo, a dagger sheathed into a leather strap located around his left thigh supported by his belt, and a one strap sack that holds a variety of things.
He adorns an eye patch at all times on his damaged eye.


Equipment: Fishing line (Diamond based), Dagger (11”), planks of wood (Black Locust) Vials and test tubes of different elements. A flask of ogre killer, a strong and potent, some what mythical moonshine that is said with one pint can kill a full grown ogre, ceasing their heart to beat. It is the only known alcohol that can fully intoxicate Jack.

Jeet Kune Do: It means "way of the intercepting fist" to difficult to explain but to be short and quite precise, it is really a “jack of all trades and master of none” way of fighting. It isn't a style, it is a concept. Study all kinds of other martial arts and to transform them to the practitioners own unique way. Few key points are to fight like water, in a liquid state, being free to flow and then strike with force when the opportunity arises. Fight with simplicity. Using the least amount of energy possible and using your opponents own strength against them.

Suiken Technique (Drunken Fist):
On top of the idea of harnessing the center of balance and erratic movements to come off physically unpredictable Jack can also utilize the properties of alcohol to mask his spiritual energy (chakra). Basically, his opponent is the one that comes off feeling drunk. When Jack influences the concept of Jeet Kune Do with his Suiken Technique he becomes an unstoppable spontaneous force, an extremely dangerous and successful combo.

Molecular kinesis: A last resort for Jack when used in full. Its sheer purpose is to force his opponent into what he excels in, hand to hand combat. The concept is that he is able to manipulate molecules, atoms and elements all around him, in him and even in that of his opponent to his advantage. It takes extreme concentration to work with raw materials rather then given ones (i.e.) a lit cigarette is already a bomb to Jack, where as to create a bomb out of thin ‘air’ takes more time and energy. Oxygen, Carbon, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, H2O, and other common elements are easily mastered by Jack, but to lets say if he wanted to build up to atomic or even hydrogen properties it would practically rob him of his life if not killing him all together. It’s done by shaping his spiritual energy (chakra, ki, etc) into a system of net like patterns that take the shape of a spastic dome. The field or range is free and virtually limitless, it is just more time and effort is needed to perform ranged attacks. He doesn't need anything to perform this ability F.Y.I. except his brain.

In years past there was a infamous pirate by the name Captain Flint, who was the scourge of the Seven Seas. His treasure was of unfathomable proportions, so much that it was the cause of his death at the hands of his own crew. And on that night as his vengeful spirit was reaped from his body, he sworn a death sentence on every man that betrayed him in his life time and that if he were to return to this world he would take the life of all those that ever wronged another. How could the beings of the Nether Realm ignore such pure hate, they offered Flint a return to earth in the body of a new born.
A child was born on the island of Neo California, and purged into that infants shell before a soul could be placed it was Flint’s demonic self that took hold, on horrible timing for the other existence of its divined soul was also placed. Two souls in one, Flint being the inferior and 'Jack's the superior.
Four years after the birth of the b*****d child, who was left nameless and left to work his hands to the bone as his whore mother slept around was visited by his inner demon. Promised to be famous, rich beyond his wildest dreams and leave this hell hole the boy was possessed by Flint. One night, the boy intruded upon his mother and her current suitor and murdered them both, Oh but it didn't stop there. The young child with scimitar in hand raided his village, killing children that ignored him, men that mocked him and the women that gave look of pity.
The lords of the Nether Realm removed the child from the earthly holding and banished him into purgatory. There time stopped, halted, the child would grow at the pace they wanted and become the epitome of sin.
He was cultured; reading, writing, arithmetic, music, culinary, philosophy, religions, the young child was taught it all. But not only was he tutored on finer aspects, he was taught the cruelty of all creatures alike. Murder, adultery, rape, incest, stealing, and so on. At the peek of his puberty the boy was forced into sexual intercourse with female demons and raped analy by males. He learned how to fight and kill with Godly instinct, but it was Jeet Kune do that appealed the most to him. Hell he became a "Jack of all trades and a master of none."
Released back to the earth at the age of 14, of which he had spent nearly 358 years in purgatory. To keep an eye on him the Nether Realm Lords placed a curse upon his right eye, that through it they could see what he saw and know his thoughts. It also provided as a portal for Flint's demonic presence to take hold. As he grew older he realized what to do and prevent this by placing a seal on his eye patch and exorcised Flint out of himself with necromancy to boot, if he ever needed to call upon the Nether Realm for assistance in battle. Through this he became a free man, and set out on his own exploration of the world. In one of the book's he had read about a man named Jack Rackham, the name Jack appealed to the young adult, so that is what he named himself.
Up to age 17 he served on ships as a cabin boy and became fascinated ironically with what Flint was, a pirate. He adopted an apparition child as his own family, named Ichigo whom he rescued from death upon charges of thievery. Time went on and his pirate career flourished. To escape one of his Captain's fury and promise of death after Jack had slept with his mistress, he found himself in a wolf Cave. He formed a pirate crew of his own, the Pieces of 8. Robbing many bars and many hearts; Jack was a flirt and labeled rightfully a man whore, but his first turning point was when he met a shy neko woman. Kat was the first woman Jack seriously flirted with and liked, not lusted after. One of his past love intrest who was with child unknowingly to Jack, had in his absence murdered their son and shortly after she killer herself. During that time Jack had lost his crew to a new wave of ninja media and the Blitzkrieg was sunk after a constant attack from assassins sent after Jack. He was depressed and went back to spend time in Mexico to relax and harness his sanity. Now Jack has returned to have fun again and started a new life with the woman he had all these years desired, Kat.
She has promised to bare his children, and with that his heart no longer beats a hollow beat.

Jack of all Traits
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