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yo its chapter 4
Chapter 4

Red and Max walked ahead of the others. Max had been quit for a awhile now. He kept his hand on his sword. He was thinking about what he did to the ninjas. Or more like what his sword did to the ninjas. Red looked at Max and asked “Max are you ok. You seem to be thinking hard about something.” Max said nothing. He just kept walking not even looking at Red. Red decided to leave it alone. Grim on the other hand had a big smile on his face. Creed and Shadow looked at Grim. This was freaking them out because Grim was always so serious. And when he did smile it was because of blood lust. “Ok man what’s with the face. You have been smiling like that since we left the town and it’s really freaky” Shadow said keeping his distance from Grim. Grim laughed abit and said “I do beleave I have found my rival” Creed looked at Max then back at Grim. “Oh come on Grim you can’t mean Max. Yea the kid can fight but he can’t beat you.” Grim looked at Creed and said “You guys missed a lot when you were asleep. Do you remember when me and Max fought in the forest? A green aura came around him and increased his strength. Back in the town it happened again and his power far surpassed mine. I cant wait to fight him again. And im going to train until that day comes and im stronger then him again” Creed and Shadow looked at Max in disbelief. Could he have gotten that strong in such a short time? The group had been walking for a while so the decided to rest. They made camp by a river and went to sleep. Grim was still awake and left to train. He walked along the river till he found a waterfall. “This is the perfect place to train” Grim said taking off his shirt and walking underneath the waterfall. He sat under that waterfall for at least 4 hours. Then Grim took out his swords and stood under the waterfall for another hours. When he came from under the waterfall Grim fell to his knees. He dropped his swords and looked to the sky. “I need to get stronger. I need more power. I cant beat him like this.” Grim got up and put his swords away. He took off the bandana around his head and dried it off. He tied it around his head again and put on his shirt. Then Grim took out one of his swords and trained for 2 hours. Max heard Grim training and went to go see. When he got the where Grim was he saw him take out his other sword and start to train harder. Grim put his swords away and sighed. “Max you suck at sneaking around.” Max laughed and walked back to the camp with Grim. Once they got back Max looked at Grim. “Hey Grim what are you going to do when you get to the doors.” Grim sighed and said “Well im not going to ask for gold I can tell you that. Im going to go into the to of fears and find the power that the door use’s for its magic. If I can harness that power I would be happy” Max looked at Grim with a confused look on his face. “The power of the door of fears. What are you talking about?” Grim side and took out a small book. “Yu really are a kid you know that. The story of the doors is a lot deeper then you think. Here let me show you.” Creed got up and put some ear plugs in and said “Can you guys shut up. Im trying to sleep.” Then Creed lay back down. Grim sighed and put the book away “I will show you some other time.” Grim said lying down. Max sighed and looked at Red. “Hey Sir Red wake up. I need to talk to you.” Red woke up and yawned. He looked at Max with his eyes half opened. “What’s wrong Max?” Max sat by Red and sighed “I want you to train me.” Red got up and picked up his sword and was about to say ok until the ground started to shake. Max woke everyone up and got ready. Creed was pissed when he woke up. He took out his ear plugs and said “What the hell is wrong now” Just then a giant demon came running toward them. “Oh that’s what’s wrong” Creed said backing up abit. Max took out his sword and jumped toward the demon. Max cut the demons head off and put his sword away. When the demon hit the ground the area started to break apart around there feet. “What the hell is going on” Max said looking at the ground. “Who cares just run” Shadow said as he started to run. But it was to late and the ground broke apart. And so Max and the others fell down into the dark abyss that opened up beneath there feet.

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commentCommented on: Tue Sep 04, 2007 @ 08:12pm
Waterfall training...painful... eek

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