A plot is formulating at HQ.....
Alright. First, less important things.
Since my change of hairstyle, I will no longer be using the Rose-in-Gambino-family-clothing pic. sweatdrop
The plot's new characters:
Eizou- Distant relative of the Helsons. Head of Edol Coroporation, which involves spies at Gambino Support Headquarters all around Gaia gathering info, then submitting it to a network of connected computers to be viewed by other VH supporters.
(Evil) Zinnia Zielger- An old, very good friend of Rose's....gone evil, because she hasn't seen Johnny in so long. Maybe she'll be a spy for Edol Corp?
Okay. So, the whole plot was basically in Eizou's description. The end. sweatdrop
Any questions? Comment and ask. ^_^