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The two doors
This is a story im wrighting. Tell me what you think

The Two Doors

Chapter 1

There is a story that has been told over and over again. The story of the two doors. This is that story. Along time ago maybe longer now then it seems the goddess of the rose made two doors. One door holds the power to make all your dreams come true. While the other door holds your greats fear’s. The only way out of this door is by defeating you fear’s. Many people have gotten as far as this door but could never find there way our. Thus they remain in that realm forever. Still knowing this many people have still looked for the Two doors but have come up short. This story is about a young man by the name of Maxwell. He is 18 years old and wise for his age. He has hair that comes down to his neck and his right eye is covers by some of his hair. He wears a male kimono with baggy pants underneath them. He has a sword of great power by his side yet he dose not know how to call upon this power. Awhile back his parents were killed by demons while he was away. When he came back he found his house in shambles and his parents were dead. All he has to remember them by is the said sword. Maxwell is in search of the two doors so he can see his parents once more and be at peace.

Maxwell was walking along a dirt road with his sword by his side. He had been walking for two days now with no food and no water. Just then demons came from out the ground and circled around Maxwell. Maxwell put his hand on his sword and waited. The Demons rushed toward him with hunger and bloodlust in mind. With one step Maxwell slashed the demons put his sword away and walked past them. Blood sprayed from the demons chests and they fell to the ground. It had been an hour since Maxwell killed those demons and he had yet to find a place to rest let alone found food or water. Maxwell gave into hunger, fell to the ground and passed out. When he woke up he looked around to see where he was. He looked down be fore him and saw some food and water. Maxwell didn’t think twice. He ate the food and drank the water to regain his strength. After he was done eating he reached for his sword just to notice that it was gone. Maxwell got up and looked around. The first thing that came to mind was trap. “Ahh your awake. Good. You had me worried for a sec there.” Max turned around and saw a man. He looked old but not to old. He was going bald in the middle of his head. He had on a pair of black pants a red shirt and a black jacket that came down to his feet. His face was somewhat wrinkled and he had a large broad sword that he carried on his back. He looked about 45 to 50 years old. Maxwell looked at the man. He did not have his sword but he was ready for a fight. “Who are you? What do you want?” The man couldn’t help but laugh. “To start of the names Red. And im the one that saved you back there. I brought you back here so you could get something to eat and drink. Regain your strength back you know?” Maxwell bowed before him. “Forgive me. I did not know. Come to think of it I have heard about you before. Yes Sir Red. The great swordsman. It’s an honor to meet you. Im Maxwell or Max for short. Do you happen to know where my sword is?” Red tossed Max his sword “There you go. That’s a fine blade you have there. A masterpiece”. Max put his sword by his side and said. “Thank you. Sir if I may be so bold will you train me. I may be good with this sword but not as good as you. So will you help me?” Red nodded “Sure why not. But I want you to prove you strength first. There is a dragon that pelages the lake up ahead. I want you to kill him and bring me back one of his scales got it?” Max nodded and got things ready. Red gave him a horse to make the trip faster. When Max got to the lake he jumped off his horse and waited for the dragon to rise. An hour passed and nothing happened so Max jumped into the water and swam around looking for the dragon. Sometime passed and he saw nothing so he got out of the lake. Max walked over to the horse and was about to leave. Just then the ground started to shake. Max turned around and saw the dragon rise from the water. Max took out his sword and rushed toward the dragon. The dragon blew water at Max. Max moved to the side and jumped into the air. He landed on the dragon and Stabbed it in the eye. The dragon growled in pain as blood spewed from its eye. Max did the same to the other eye and the dragon fell to the ground. Max jumped off the dragon and walked around it. He knew the dragon was not dead. Max found a soft spot on the dragon and stabbed the dragon. The dragon growled and shook in pain then died. Max took one of the dragon’s scales and got on his horse. He went back to Red and gave him the scale. “There now will you train me?” Max asked as he bowed before red. Red looked at max and sighed. “I don’t get it kid. You just killed a dragon. That’s no small feat. And yet you want me to train you. Why? You look like you can handle anything that comes your way.” Max shook his head. “The power I have now is not good enough. I need more if I am to find the two doors.” Red looked at Max in shook. This boy was looking for the two doors. No way. Red got up and said. “Kid even with my training you could not go and find the two doors by yourself. There are monsters and demons out there that could kill a man in one fowl swoop” Max sighed”But I need to find the…” Red cut Max off. “But I will help you. I will go along with you to find the two doors. This way I can train you and also protect you. What do you say?” Max nodded and bowed before Red. Red and Max got things ready to go and left to find the two doors.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Aug 31, 2007 @ 08:48pm
Not bad at all. I like fantasy stories. Here's a few suggestions. Hope you don't mind.
fowl=foul and pelages=pillages.
There were a few more,but those were the only really noticable mistakes. Keep writing.^_^

commentCommented on: Mon Jan 03, 2011 @ 05:43pm
gaara sama 4laugh *has fangirl spazz attack*

Mizuki Bell
Community Member
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