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well, this is my journal, what i think, and what my opinions are. so, feel free to comment!
well, today i went to black out night, i thought we would all look like a bunch of emo wanna bees with all that black on, but i was wrong. i stayed at the v-ball game for a while, then i decided to leave. and guess who was opening the door as i walked out? AUSTIN! i was like, oh, no....so, he was holding the door for the two people in front of me, he saw me, and of course, he didn't hold the door, he walked right in himself...i would have taken the other door anyways...hes just there to look at his girlfriend's butt in the spandex shorts...doesn't help that the shorts have the player's names on them. jeez...for those of you who don't know my story with austin, here it is.

we met in drama/track. we became good friends and eventually, he asked me out. i'm like, YESSS!! so, ya, i was excited. we went out for almost a whole summer...then, well, lets just say that he wanted a ...hmmm, how do i put this....a "physical relationship" haha, well, so, i "kindly" broke up with him...and it turns out he was cheating on me anyways..ha....so, later on the next year, he starts talking to me again, and he asks to walk me to school...of course, i said yes...cuz i'm stupid..OK?
and he asked me out, i said yes. cuz i'm stupid...OK? so then, we went out for a while and he started ignoring me in the hallway...he was like, always walking seriously close to this other girl...her name is kayla...ewww. then, i email him and ask why i havn't heard from him, hes like, "umm, i've been home sick with the flu" and i'm like ya...sure, bull crap!! so, he said that we need to be friends again...not gf and bf...i'm like um, ok, so me and my friends made his and kayla's lives miserable for the next month....good times.... so, ya, he cheated on me again...hes gay. lol...sometimes i think he went out with me just to get back at me for dumping him, i mean, he prolly would sink to that level. cuz hes mean like that, i don't know what i saw in him, i mean, i'm really outgoing and crazy, and come on, he plays
GOLF! hes BORING!! aaaahhh! and n/e ways, his new gf is icky .... they need to get a room , not a hallway inbetween classes...jeez. *pauses, looks at hand sanitizer...puts some on*...ah, i feel clean... n/e ways, so ya.

well, also today, we had cheerleading. what is with drama and cheerleaders?...i mean, its like drama magnet... some girls made other girls cry, one girl almost broke her wrist, we have till tomorrow to get 3 dances...i owe 85 bucks for a freaking JACKET with my NAME ON IT...!! how stupid can u get...

and school, where do i start, o ya, nowhere, cuz nothing happens...its boring, well, i must make an acception for lunch, but ya, we're not even gonna go there....haha...well....

COMMENT!!! hehe, if u read all of it that is....and, welcome to the life of Gabrielle.

o, and see all thats written above?...thats called stress, and stress gives you ZITS!! and let me tell u, i have like 5 freaking zits right now....FIVE!! argh!! ....*sigh* i need a life. haha...i luv all u guys!

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