I am sooo bored, so I decided to write in this journal becasue I have nothing better to do. And let me tell you, this is going to be a LONG entry. Becasue when I feel like ranting...I RANT like my like depends on it. Uhhmm lets see what random thing to talk about first..Oh yeah I just came back from Florida! It was SOOO Fun. PM me if you wanna know more about my trip...mmmm School starts on Sept. 4, and I am both happy and sad. Happy to see my friends and have something to do during the day, and sad because I have to learn things and do homework>.<. But whatever....I hope my first day is going to be fun. On Wednesday I have to go to school because I am going to be a tour guide for the new Sevvies that are coming in. and let me tell you I hated those kids back in Sixth grade... So if I see one that I know... And they ask me for directions to their class...I am pointing them in the wrong way. Blaaahhh I have to stay the whole time even though I don't want to>.< I was supposed to see Mr. Bean's holiday that day with my friend, but I have a feeling that it is going to be a stupid movie. People tell me if you think otherwise. Uhmm more to talk about. My favorite book in the whole wide world is Maximum Ride: The Angel Expirment. People if you haven't read it....read it. you are missing out on SOOO MUCHHH!! Just ask my best friend. She didn't want to read it but I forced her, and now it is her favorite book. See how that works out? Another good book would be the Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot...NOTHING LIKE THE MOVIE!! The movies sucked like anything...this book and the rest in the series) are amazing. also The Mediator Series...VERY VERY good. Also by Meg Cabot. Good movies. Inside Man, National Treasure, Finding Nemo, Transformers, and Shrek. I love songs that have meanings to them. Like Crazy by Simple Plan. In school I guess i am considered a nerd, but then when people get to know me they get that I know nothing at all. I just somehow seem to get OKAY grades. Hey all i do is actually PAY ATTENTION in class. you guys should try it sometime...it actually helps. whatever. People who know me also think i am crazy. Not cut myself, jump off a cliff type of crazy, but laugh like a maniac when someone gets hurt crazy. They all somehow learn to love me for me!!! Lets see my ranting should come to an end soon. mmm Right now it is 11:23 at night, and I am typing this up, my cousin is playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, my sister is playing on the internet, and my other cousin is no where to be found....I hear the TV on so I think he is watching soccer. Yeah two of my many MANY cousins are sleeping over tonight. they just came back from India after a month on Sunday...Which was yesterday. Uhmm okay my ranting has come to an end, unfourtunatley. No need to cry, I will rant again another day. (That was long!)

-Way2Crazy has left the building! heart