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pm to the admin of the 2% charge
Ive recently started to study a bussiness, accountings and marketing carreer.

I will try to state my pints of view with this the best way I can since my main lnguage is spanish not english.

The more information subject is indeed one of the "ideal economic factors" but I believe as Developer you have recently watched the features tektek gave to gaians, tektek indeed shows the most recently item placed in marketplace, but not the most recent one sold, wich gives a fake information on values, specially in 2003, cause people who are not related to the exchange or marketplace to make mistakes on valuing.

on the other hand if it displays the latest item sold, lets say in items from 2003 like chicky slippers latest one sold was at 25mil, wich was sold by a scammer I believe, and bought by some exchanger who instantly made a 20mil profit if not more, that would be a fake value too, and before those 25mil chickies I believe a 20mil pair was sold LAST year, since not many exchangers/venders have this amounts in pure gold, still in items its different.

by retiring gold out of gaia economy, it does indeed take out the buying power of people but as an economist you should know inflation is not a problem, uncontroled inflation is the problem in economy and one of the objectives of every country in the world is to maintain a low and controled inflation levels, by removing the 2% in vend people will move to exchange to sell the items, with the vend out and not being able to be used as a price guide, its possible that priceguides are actually about to reborn to give users safety, but still this impact will probably produce a long term deflation, wich in every country and in gaia too its considered a crisis.

pricing manipulation is NOT going to stop, so you took one of the octopus hands wich was vend, but have you seen guilds? and things that occur in exchange, exchange is a much bigger profit and price manipulation strategy, it impacts the gaia economy even worse, lets say with price guides owners, wich have been considered "exchange mafias" in the past.

people can indeed rise prices withot the 2% tax, but that doesnt mean people are going to pay it, with the 2% tax less people will sell in vend wich will give the oportunity to fix prices much easier.

I think the 2% fee is a good way to promote the economy in the exchange, but it will ******** gaia in many ways, It will probably make a bounce effect.

as an exchanger for over 3 years, I know how the gaian market works, and Im just saying that iff the 2% is to prevent inflation it will not work, but it will indeed reactivate the economy in the gaian exchange ^^

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Sir ThunderCock
Community Member
comment Commented on: Mon Dec 03, 2007 @ 09:26pm
You have a very good thing going fr you right here, sounds like you really do know what your doing, working the marketplace, like its your job. I have also been here for almost 3 years but i have recently been actually getting into the market. now yes i had the same idea, the Tax or 2% deal thing is good in my opinion but itwill as you say "bounce" effect. But i thank you for noticing it just like i have ^.^

Have a good day

comment Commented on: Mon Dec 03, 2007 @ 10:04pm
I dont do Marketplace, I dont like it, I only exchange in the exchange forum ^^

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User Comments: [2]
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