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Good Morning Aekea!
It never mattered to me what the weather was like outside for the most part. Glancing out my fourth floor apartment window with a sigh, a thick heavy mist weighed down my mood, and obscured my vision of the outside world. My window wasn't open, and I rarely did so due to numerous factors, but I could still feel the thickness of the air as I took a deep breath.

Although my windows were as sound proof as I thought possible, the faint sounds of the machines already at work had stirred me awake. The sun was trying to pierce through the fog, giving the sunrise almost like a Northern Lights effect. Even though I despised what the fog ("Smog," I corrected herself) had meant for me, there was an odd beauty of it all I couldn't place. It had gotten to the point that I knew I shouldn't mind anymore, but still....

A small robotic chirping tone came from my small kitchen/living room as I slipped into my shoes, thanking Lanzer that I had found my boots and not the sneakers I normally found herself wearing. Glancing around the couch, I found Retrostacja, my new Roro puppy attempting to chase his tail. With a laugh I poured herself some already brewed blueberry coffee and sipped it in between combing my tail.

"Retro," I cooed, my normally slightly soprano voice turning into the infamous baby talk many take towards their pets. Retrostacja paused in his excitement and barked, a mechanical glitch giving it a sound more similar to a mixture of gears grinding, and a hiccup. It was the reason why I had managed to adopt the adorable misfit. His vocal program was remnants of the Roro beta still in his system. They had planned to disassemble him until I had found him and reactivated him. Having a mechanic background was more useful than I could have imagined.

Setting down my now empty mug into the sink, I leashed up Retrostacja and headed out for work, but not before of course checking my PDA for her schedule. A smile glistened on my naturally olive skin as I skimmed over the day. First thing on the list: Faktori Checkup! With a small squeal of delight, my Roro and I headed towards the elevators. I knew the three robots would be anxious to see me, although of course I had to pick up Kluteau on my way there, although in all means it was nowhere near "on the way".

Fresh Paint, my thrift store down the street from the Rallys, was on the opposite side of Aekea from my apartment, which was nearly halfway around the town from the Faktori. I didn't mind though. Kluteau was one of the few female robots in town, since they had decommissioned them after a failed attempt to use them during the war. I had only managed to assemble Klu with spare parts of other robots, and my own personal voice chip recreation. Great company, and I brought a play mate for the robots, since they always had theirs.

Gerakabatta would be there for sure, and that made me smile all the more. If there was one robot that I could rely on the most....it would be her. It was as if....I, a mere mechanic, couldn't process it. Our bond with one another was born through our deep friendship with the robots. Even when I felt left out with my Gaian skin, mortal frail body, Gera always managed to put a smile on my face. Gera had helped me get accepted by the robots despite me being a Gaian. Her watermeat Umihino and Retro had become fast friends, which was a grand spectacle to behold in between switching up new nuts and bolts in between all the robots.

I could already hear Bludeau overheating when I would hug him, or when Retro would nuzzle up against him. There was a smile on my Gaian face as I headed to pick up Kluteau, although the undertones of the day seemed to be reflected in the thick smog surrounding me. It clung to me, the chill in the air and the moisture seeping into my pores made me shiver. Aekea being the only town without proper roads got my feet seeped into the mud created from the water in the air mixing with the dirt.

The noise of the machines and the early revving of the cars in the Rally were oddly sweet music to my ears, my modified headphones muting out the majority of the painful screeches. The Plasma Gear was released to the Aekeans a few days earlier, but they hadn't been allowed to wear them until they were officially released all over Gaia. Already I had mine modified to pick up radio frequencies, and programmed updates of the mechanical parts on the market, and Retro's status.

Gera and I had things to talk about...saving the robots integrity and creating more equality and the peace between their two races was of the highest importance. How long would this uneasiness last?

PQ and Retrostacja
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PQ and Retrostacja
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  • User Comments: [2]
    Community Member

    Thu Aug 23, 2007 @ 11:45am

    Oh my gears~ heart I love this story! heart Are you planning on making a sequel? 'Cause I love the way you write your stories~ heart

    PS: Thanks for mentioning me, Pukie-chan! Best friends forever! 4laugh

    Community Member

    Fri Sep 07, 2007 @ 07:43pm

    Pukie-chan? I don't mean to bug you about this, but.....

    When will the next chapter come out? sweatdrop

    I'm worried that you might have canceled this story and such! crying

    It's really, really good! 3nodding

    User Comments: [2]
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