(Okay, I haven't done anything new in a long time, so please.........bear with me and forgive any misspellings on my part.)

I sit here alone through the days and nights,
watching others with some grim delight.
I know what it is they'll all find,
a feeling that begins in thier mind.
It's sweet nectar is one I'll never taste,
I'll never find comfort in it's embrace.

The world stands there watching me,
not knowing what it means to be seen.
I'm alone in this travesty of a life,
a life filled to bursting with sorrow and strife.
The world has gone dark to mine eyes,
I'll never again be held by it's velvet ties.

For the one thing it is said that all men have,
a thing always kept in two seperate halves.
I shall never find this other piece,
And all too soon this life will cease.
I will never find one whom fits me like a glove,
I am doomed to live a life without love.