Friends are like butt cheeks;
OHMIGOD! Sarah, you missed the best weekend at camp!

Alright, so my friend Celine was hosting this "Teen Dance", and it was free to enter, it had food and drinks and such. It was totally awesome!

I am going to break up with Conor, because I met this amazing awesome guy at camp. I know for sure that I like him more than Conor, so for Conor's sake, I am ending it.
Anyway, I danced with this guy(slow dance) and then I talked to him for the rest of the night after that, I danced with him everytime a slow song started to play, eventually we noticed that Celine started to skip to slow songs on purpose. But I didn't mind, I actually preferred it that way. So I talked to the guy, his name is Danny, and he is 15. (Btw, I didn't kiss him or anything I just danced with him and flirted c wink I really like him but he lives in Ottawa, but I would so do the long distance thingy with him. I have never been so happy for a guy, I had a smile that was just as big or possibly bigger than when I got Dizzy Babyy.
Anyway, we exchanged E-Mails, and we'll see what happens from there.

Ahh.... I'm SSOOOOOO HAPPY!!! .^0^.

I can't wait until I see him, I don't know when it will be, but whenever is fine.

Anyways, I'm out!

Much Love,

Souless Infection
Shit may separate them,
but they always come back together.