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The Stories made from Boredum
When Tsunade became the fifth Hokage a rogue ninja enters the village. This ninja’s name is Horoko Tyka. He’s from the village Hidden in the Mist, Horoko got captured by Naruto, Rock Lee, and Neji. They interrogated him when he woke up. They figure out that he’s from Mist village but he switches to Leaf. Horoko returns to the Mist village to locate his comrades.
He went searching for Amanaku Mizuni; Horoko found her writing a book on special jutsu. When they catch up they begin search for Minkanato Anutsu, he was creating weapons. As the three friends catch up on times Horoko suggest that they move in with him at the leaf village. As Amanku and Minkanato think a mist ninja walks in and says help us we are under attack by bandit ninja. He died on the floor and the team goes outside to see that many bandit ninja were attacking, the team sprang into action as Minkanato hands out weapons. Amanaku gets a giutine sword and Horoko gets two connecting sai. Minkanato already has his katana so they set off to repel the attack.
As Minkanato disappears Amanaku, and Horoko draw their new weapons as some bandits charge. The Mist ninja fended off the bandits and Amanaku packs her things along with Minkanato. They return to the village hidden in the Leaves and go to Horoko’s apartment. The group of friends settled in and unwinds. One day Horoko goes for a walk and whines up meeting Gaara in the forest outside the village. Shikaku has a savage nerve to fight and kill Horoko because of his demon. At the time Horoko went to practice his new jutsu. As they fight Horoko tested out his jutsu on Gaara. He gets Gaara stuck and starts charging his demonic chakra. The Shadow ball causes Shikaku to disappear from Gaara’s body.
The healers of the Leaf village nurse Gaara back to normal health conditions as Horoko waited patiently for Gaara to awaken. He tells him Shikaku was gone. Once Gaara reawoken he saw Horoko taking a nap with a cast on his right arm. Gaara woke him up saying “where am I and how did I get here.” He responded in saying “I got rid of Shikaku and brought u here but I fell and broke my arm.” Then Gaara replies in “well thank you that demon was making my life miserable.” Horoko ask “Can you still bend sand.”
As Gaara struggles trying to make sand but eventually does it. “I guess its natural born talent.” As Horoko thinks he wonders if a bit of Shikaku still lives in Gaara.
Gaara returns to the sand village and Horoko goes back to his apartment to see his friends. They saw his broken arm and started ask what happened, with a smirk he said he just tripped while walking back to the village. As Amanaku and Horoko argue Minkanato says”just stay out his business Amanaku he has reasons to lie to us.” They settle down but hold a grudge for a day. Amanaku goes for a walk but gets into trouble with no one around to help her. Her opponent was Kimimaro she was unaware of his presence so she almost got her life taken. Right before Kimimaro’s bone shurikan hit her she felt his chakra and blocked his bone. He jumps down from the tree he hid in and said “wow you’re smarter than Kabuto said.” Her reply was “well Kabuto didn’t see my whole jutsu so you might be in trouble Kimimaro.”
They battle and when Amanaku summons clone dopple gangers of her demon he thinks “what is this they’re solid clone but they look like someone else?” Amanaku and her clone Hinaku’s forced Kimimaro to retreat. When she got home Minkanato was asleep but Horoko was gone. About ten minutes later Horoko walked in and said “you guy’s seem like you saw a ghost, and nice battle Amanaku.” She was stunned that he saw it and asks how. “About two minutes after you left Minkanato said I should go apologize so I was going to when I saw you get attacked by Kimimaro so I thought that I should intervene, but…I didn’t because I thought you could handle it. So I’m sorry for yelling at you.” As he stands there he waits for an apology accepted but all she says is “what’s for dinner I’m hungry.” “It’s free-for-all night remember.” Minkanato said. So they get there dinner and Amanaku went to bed before Horoko and Minkanato sparred.
The next morning Minkanato woke up and went for a stroll he found an orphan named Toru who’d lost his family. Minkanato gave him a few yen to pay for food and some water. He continued his walk when he noticed that the orphan was following him so he asked “is there something wrong little one?” Toru responded with “can you adopt me kind sir? I’m lonely out here in the streets alone.” Minkanato took a minute to think and finally suggested that he’d come out and see him every day and night.
So after having fights and training hard the group has a break at things, Orochimaru planned his second attack on the village hidden in the leaves. His attack was put into play in three days and unexpected. When he attacks many ninja had been out starting a mission so they saw Orochimaru’s forces coming and alerted the village immediately.
A jonin saw Amanaku’s group and lead them to battle, Horoko confronted Tayuya and Amanaku takes on Kimimaro for the second round Minkanato took on Sakon and Ukon Horoko and Minkanato win and help Amanaku defeat Kimimaro. They all success and approach Orochimaru himself Minkanato makes a big mist cloud around Orochimaru as Amanaku and Horoko take on Orochimaru. They slash and use jutsu to take him down. Horoko even applied poison to his sai but Orochimaru just sod there and wouldn’t go down but Horoko and Amanaku couldn’t see each other until Minkanato took down his fog and lopped off Orochimaru’s arm to force him to retreat. Minkanato told Horoko that Orochimaru killed Amanaku and used earth style to bury her corpse. From that day on they swore to kill Orochimaru.

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    Community Member

    Thu Aug 16, 2007 @ 08:37pm

    finally finished *the first part that is twisted * rofl

    Community Member

    Tue Aug 21, 2007 @ 11:16pm

    well i'm glad you finished it!!! my computer crashed so all my saved files are dead.....:tears: um...so everything i had ever made or saved is all bye-bye! yeah just wanted to say something that sounded sad....moo...

    Community Member

    Wed Oct 17, 2007 @ 07:21pm

    amanaku dies???? that's so sad!!! crying

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