Illusen wiped the sweat off her brow. She and her mother had been working in the glade since sunrise, finding natural herbs for potions. The Neopets had been unusually sickly latey, and her mother thought it was another one of Jhudora's evil plots.

"Illusen!" her mother called. "How is the ground? Good for planting?"

Illusen looked down and looked into the earth. Yes, the two were Earth Faeries, but they prefered to do things the hard way rather than use magic. "Yes, mother!" she called.

Illusen smiled at her daughter. They shared everything, lives, powers, even names! "Good! We'll start planting tomorrow!"

Illusen smiled back. The earth felt so good against her fingers.

The wind blew harshly, rust;ing the leaves of the Glade's surrounding trees. The two Faeries looked up in alarm, both hearing the fear of the trees. "What is it?" a Meridell Ixi asked. He had been watching the two for some time now, enjoying how they relished this land.

"I don't know!" They chorused.

The skys turned a sickly purple, and the clouds began rotating in a counterclockwise circle, faster and faster, until they were a whirlpool of clouds. A gigantic hand slid through the clouds and seemed to feel around, tearing up land everywhere. Farmers cried out in alarm at the sight of their life's work being destroyed.

The hand paused in mid-air. Illusen held her breath, then stole a look at her mother, who was rooted to the spot in terror.

Illusen could only watched the hand as it loomed closer and closer to her and her daughter. When it was only five feet away, however, she finally moved. "RUN!" she cried to Illusen. The hand streched out and reached...reached.....and closed! a struggling Illusen in hand. "NO!!!" Illusen cried out.

Illusen tried to escape, but the hand was too strong. She could only watch as she was carried away from her home and up into the dark clouds. "Terra!" she called down, but the earth didn't respond to her call; either she was too far up, or the hand was blocking her from using her magic. "Terra!" she cried again, this time more softly. Nothing happened, and she fell unconscious, unaware that she was being pulled into a completely different world.

"Illusen," the Earth Faerie whimpered, the sadness of being alone overwhelming her, "my daughter..."