sh*t, I almost forgot about my blog. Well today I caught live crabs using chicken as bait (the crabs freakin eat raw chicken like, lol) yeah something like that. Well I keep going to remote locations so i have to use a cell to go to gaia and to my work place. My job though is getting harder I just saw one of my collueges got fired! I need to go to work more good thing my boss trust me deeply 3nodding

heres a sampling of the stories I edit:


The beach was calm, all too calm on the island of Artakha. Nokatia, warrior of water, was watching the coastline. All of the other warriors are in some battle, so why do they stick me with the stupid beach? She thought. Even my spirit is dull…
Deep in Artakhan's fortress, the great ruler was worried of the recent events. "Soul seekers,"An artakhan spat. "They've breached the island's security. No doubt a result of Nokatia's, shall we say, 'lack of motivation'." Captain a warrior of fire nodded. "I presume you'd like for me to gather my team and look into it?" "Indeed. Don't let me down Captain." And with that Captain left the throne room. In the courtyard, Captain met up with Taron. "Come, Taron," Captain turned his head toward the warrior of air and grinned. "We've got a battle to win." The warriors set off for Nokatia's hut, in which much to their surprise did not house a warrior of water. "Must be on her rounds," Taron said with a shrug. Captain took hold of Taron before he left. "But I can't help but feel like she doesn't want to be found." The warriors went to the beach and saw what looked to be Nokatia. But this one, there was something different about her. First of all, instead of her usual weapon she wielded a scythe tipped with blood. "I've heard that you were looking for me." She put her scythe on the ground and her scythe glowed with power. "So I thought I'd prepare for the engagement." At that very moment the Soul seekers arrived. "Nokatia, turn around," Captain commanded the warrior of water. The leader of the Soul seeker's horde screamed violently, the battle had begun. Nokatia struck first with her scythe, a single swing had taken out one fourth of the horde. Meanwhile a Soul seeker had pinned down Captain, screeching intensely. "Help me, Nokatia! Please," He called. Nokatia threw her scythe to the ground. "No. You can take it from here," Nokatia replied with a smirk. "What are you doing?!" Taron ran over with sword in hand. He pushed the vile beast off of Captain and stabbed it. When the blade had pierced the Soul seeker it withered into nothingness and the horde retreated. "Thank you…Taron," Captain said slipping into unconsciousness. "Arian," Taron said sadly.

yeah something like that