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Come and see what kinda of stuff the evil emo bear make me say and do
We Meet Again (chapter 4)
We Meet Again

When they were taken to the to students room all of them were checked for any thing illegal and asked to switch they mobile phones off. After that everyone one from all the school has been checked their all were led into a big hall where all the other people were sitting and all the students filled up the front seat and than the Education Minister start to talk about the conference he said, "Good Morning ladies and gentlemen and the students. I am sure as all of you already know about this conference, well just to clear things out this conference is for the students that were chosen by the different school to represent them to prove themselves and create a plan to improve school life with all the idea they brought in with them… Hmm... Oh yes! There is a prize for the students and the school who come up with the best ideas." After he finished talking all the students were taken to another room big room with new modern computer with best programs upgraded for the students to work on. There were 100 computers for each student and there were separate blocks made for each school with 5 computers for each student with they name and school name on. So every students went over and took their seat and start planning their work Ace, Jake, Spike, Angel and Michele took their seat on their block and a tall man with black hair wearing white shirt, black jeans and coat and red tie came over to them and sat down talking to them about what their should do and how to do them in the computers as it had a special program updated for this works. After he left all 5 of them start to create their idea forgetting all about the mission as their get more involved with the work as it was really interesting. Their ideas were put together to create a great plan to improve the school life, it took all morning to do the plan and than everyone were asked to go and get some lunch and than meet back in this room in 1 hour to finish and finalise their work before it been put in graphic projector and present it to the whole people who came to conference. Ace and others met up with Mrs. Jackson and Mr. William and went to the cafe in the conference and all of them having their lunch and talking about the mission after awhile the boys and Mr. William went to get some drink for everyone and Mr. William went to look around the place to see if there is any sign of Paterson or any of the members from the Macsade. In other side all the three boys were bring back the drink when Ace saw a strange looking man whom he realise from somewhere and he remembered seeing that man picture in SIS office he was standing next to Paterson in of the Macsade members photos. But suddenly the man disappeared into the crowd and Ace shakes his head and went over to where the others were sitting and suddenly one of the drinks flied into midair as he put the drinks down in the table. The cup missed Ace by inches and looked around to see what happened and he saw that man again this time he was on top floor holding a hand gun with silencer on that he try to shoot Ace with which missed and hit the drink. Ace, Jake and Spike ran up the stairs surrounding the man and got him down on the floor when Mr. William came up there running as he got message from Mrs. Jackson who was now walking up the stairs with Michele and Angel. Mr. William smiled when he got up there and saw them three standing over the man who was lying on the floor bleeding from his mouth and he said, "You young kids are impressive those days."
"We don’t take martial arts just for fun you know" said Spike laughing. There were not many people around as there is only 5 minutes of the lunch break remaining so Mrs. Jackson told all 5 of them to get back to the room and she and Mr. William will take care of the man while Mr. William phoned SIS office to ask someone to come and pick up the man. So Ace and others went back to the room to finish off the work and a man from SIS who was bold and coloured came to pick up the man from Macsade and after that all three of them looked around for any sign of Mr. Paterson and other members from Macsade but their were out of luck and Mr. William had a message from SIS office asking both him and Mrs. Jackson to come back to the office so their told the security of the conference about what happening to alert them and also told Ace and others that their be gone for awhile and will return soon as possible after dealing with the problem back in the office. After their left Ace and others continued and finished off their presentation in the graphic projector in 1 hour so their took a rest they deserve and looked around the place to waste the rest of the time they had left until the time to present the presentation in front of everyone. After awhile their went back to the main room time for the presentation to be presented and every school came up the stage and presented they ideas and so Ace and others and the presentations were judged by the Education Minister and some other people. They chosen 3 winner and Ace's group came at the top as they were asked to come to the stage and the Minister talked to them for awhile wishing them luck in future and gave them all a certificate and prize for each one of them and also gave big cheque for they school and big gift which was wrapped carefully. Everyone was happy and proved but suddenly the pen Ace was holding cracked in his hand and Michele looked at him and she could feel that he is angry and could see it in his eyes as he was staring at somewhere and she looked at what he was staring at.

There was a man standing in the back of the room smiling and he was wearing a blue coat and blue jeans and also a blue hat which was covering his top face but Michele realised the evil smile. It was Paterson he did come to conference but some how none of them seen him around before. Jake, Angel and Spike soon realised there is something going on but not too sure what as their never met Paterson before and Ace was so mad he was ready to jump down the stage to go after Paterson. But he was hold back by Michele as she grabbed his hand to stop him from doing it than Paterson walked out of the room as all of them came down from the stage and went to the SIS member that Mr. William and Mrs. Jackson left behind to take them back home if nothing goes wrong and went with her to her car to go back home. Ace was looking around for Paterson now he know he is here he was more angry and tempt to find him but others were already in the car and Jake shout for Ace to get inside but Ace didn’t move than all of sudden he start to run so others got off the car to see what he was doing.
“Mr. Paterson” said Michele who just got outside and saw Ace was running toward a man in blue suit.
Others turned to face her and said, “That’s the man SIS was talking about” and Michele nodded. Ace was making his way toward that man who was walking toward a empty space but Ace was surround by crowd who were coming out of the he squished through the people and finally managed to make his way out into the empty space but Paterson was nowhere to seen than suddenly four strong men surrounded him and Paterson was standing on other side smiling.
He said, “Hey again Ace nice to meet you again and I am sure you were looking forward to meet me too.”
“I glad you remembered my name too” said Ace.
Paterson laughed “How can I forget the young hero of SIS who is nothing more than an annoying little brat. You made a great mistake coming here today what those two thinking sending bunch of punks to deal with the great Macsade and me. I shall show them who their little hero really worth of”
“Oh! Just shut up Paterson, I am sick of your nonsense”

((not finished yet will add more when i find the book i made.... sorry for the trouble ))

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Community Member

Sun Aug 12, 2007 @ 03:56am

And then what??? omg can't wait^^

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