Flaming Flames

Everyone was shocked and surprised after hearing about both of them and than Mrs. Jackson asked Jake, Michele, Angel and Spike if she can talk to them in private Ace knew that they going to tell them about the mission but he didn’t know what to say. Mr. William and Mrs. Jackson told the teachers and took all 5 of them in the car to SIS office where they asked all 4 of them to help them and Ace with the Entorde mission in London conference in 5 days and Ace was hoping they won’t agree to this as he was looking at them. Ace didn't want them getting involved into this after what happened with him and Michele before even though he didn't say anything to them he was thinking and wishing that they wont accept to help him on this mission specially Michele as she already know about SIS. Ace was worried about them getting into danger and maybe getting killed he was looking at them as they waiting for a reply and his eyes were filled with worried and Michele looked at him in the eyes before turn around and agree to help him with the mission followed by others. Mr. Jackson smiled and said, "Excellent and if you all finish this mission successfully you might join SIS and Ace." Ace shakes his head and others were laughing at what she said and Spike said, "Why not sound good to me."
Mr. William than spoke for the first time after arriving in SIS office "well than we will meet all of you like we already planned and we will make you and provide you all with gadgets you might need to use in the mission and we will also working beside you all protecting and make sure you get out safe." Ace suddenly got up and left the room and went outside and sat down on a chair outside and all 6 of them looked at him and than Michele, Angel, Jake, Spike came looking for him and found him sitting in the chair and they went over to him sitting beside him and standing in front of him and asked him what wrong. Ace looked up "Nothing... I am fine I just needed some fresh air"
Jake said, "Don't try to lie you know your not a good liar, we can see there is something wrong or something bothering you from your eyes so tell as what’s wrong."
Ace replied, "Well, I just didn't accept any of you to agree to join the SIS especially Michele as you know what we went through last mission. I was just surprised that all of you agreed quickly"
Angel said, "We didn't just agree because it to save the lots of students who is coming to the conference and join SIS, we agreed because we couldn't just stand out and let you alone into this after we know about what you went through alone with your last mission so we decide what ever happen we will do it together and look out for each other." Others nodded for what Angel said and Ace looked at all of them with a smile and thanked them when Mr. William and Mrs. Jackson walked over to them after standing a little bit behind them listening to they conversation.
"We already said our sorry lots of time and you know its not our fault as we explained earlier and we won't make the same mistake again and as your friend said now you got each other too and we know you trust your friends and your friendship surly make sure all of you are safe even if we didn't." said Mr. William who was standing beside Mrs. Jackson looking down at Ace.

Ace looked at them "If you don’t do the same mistake will you make a different mistake this time" he said with a smile and Michele nudged him.
Michele said, "Don't be nasty to them Ace come on give them another chance to prove them self and well if you don’t trust them why are you still with SIS than? Huh!"
Ace laughed "I was just joking and when you join them its not that easy to get out accept they send you back home or you die, which I am not planning to do anytime soon."
Mrs. Jackson said, "Well than we will give your team a code name which we can use in the mission for security and safety reason. Let me see now the best name that will suit young teenagers like you would be FLAMING FIRE." she looked at everyone "Does anyone has a problem with this name you can say so now we can change to something everyone like." Everyone stands there quiet smiling without saying no and spike nodded his head than after agreeing to everything Mr. William and Mrs. Jackson left and all 5 went back to their home. Next day all of them met in the school and did what their usually do and all of them especially Spike was very excited about their first mission even though they were little bit nervous inside. The days gone past and the day for the mission came so everyone got ready and met each other at school as their waited for Mr. William and Mrs. Jackson to pick them up. Ace was in all red he was wearing red shirt and red jeans and also red coat also red shoes to go with his outfit, Michele was wearing T-Shirt with red hands and white in the middle and red jeans and she was also wearing the gold chain that Ace gave her for her birthday, Jake wore his favourite football team top and blue jeans and blue jacket, Angel wore her blue top with her black jeans and black coat and spike was wearing his black hood with a band name and picture on the front and he wore his blue jeans. The car arrived in front of the school to pick them up and Mr. William and Mrs. Jackson was inside the car and everyone got the car and sat down.
And when their all got inside the car Mrs. Jackson greeted them and told them about the gadgets they were going to get for this mission and Mr. William gave everyone a pen which fitted with laser and light which their can use to find a way around in dark and also if their open the back of the pen it has a small knife in case if their ever need it. Than he gave everyone a mobile phone with camera and video in them but those are not just an ordinary phone the camera and video that been taken or recorded will connect and send straight to SIS office computer system. And as the last gadget he handed everyone a packet of bubble gum which Spike was trying to eat as he act silly most of the time but it made to melt any metal if their chew it until the taste turn to bitter and than their had to stick it to any metal and its will melt it in less than 3 minutes. After they went over the stuff again their all made their way to the place the conference was held. Their all got out of the car when their arrived at the conference and there was about 19 other school from around the United Kingdom and also about 50 other people like the teacher and news reporters and special guest for the conference. But there was no sign of Mr. Paterson anywhere than someone from the conference came and took them over to the place where all the other students were.