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Some really old stuff
These are just old snip-its of stuff. Enjoy.
YAOI! Alucard and Maxwell Enrico(archbishop)...T_T
I DIDN'T CREATE THIS SO DON'T BE ANGERY AT ME!!! I found this on deviantart when I was looking up pictures of Alucard. The credit or critisim goes to SeventhZodiac

Note: Italics symbolize Alucard's POV when he is trying to overcome the dizziness following being put to sleep by the garlic chloroform. And it should also be noted when you read this chapter that Alucard is going to uke for a reason since he has a unwavering loyalty to Seras and Integra and will protect them by any means necessary-And I mean "By Any Means Necessary" as will be illustrated here.

A full moon hung over the roof of the Hellsing Estate. It was deathly quiet. Not even the servants were moving around instead they were sleeping in thier quarters worried that Alucard would bother them or tease thier dreams. But the vampire was standing before his master in her office discussing the nature of thier previous mission in her reports. It was a disaster, as she had read, he was sent in to quell the ghoul infestation in a local hospital and it ended with the record kill of 234 ghouls but to top it off twenty-eight hostages injured and one pregnant woman dead with a irate husband planning on taking her to court for the wrongful death of his wife and unborn child.

"What the hell went wrong Alucard?" she demanded slamming the supeona down on her desk,"what happened?"

"I think what happened is that Mister Walosher isn't greatful that he dosen't have a ghoulish mother and baby feeding off of him," replied Alucard,"that is what happened, I saw that mother trying to eat her own child, I would have saved the baby and turned the woman to dust if that damn Judas Priest didn't get in the way! He had to be put in place-"

"This was not suppose to be a dickwavering fight," she snapped,"you were suppose to have irradicated the ghouls and evacuate the hostages, I have had enough of critism from the public officers saying that my intentions of hostage well-being are poorly carried out. You fight Anderson on your own time not mine!"

"So you expect me to work alongside that Vatican's b***h?"

"No, but if you see him trying to take a few non-ghoul humans out of harm's way you don't go attacking him with guns blazing and having one or two get thier eyes shot out!" fumed The Hellsing Superior,"a bullet through a infant's brain, what makes you think that you were going to think about doing it and it would be okay to accomplish, it was a infant, you can't do the same thing you would do to it like you did with Officer Victoria in Cheddar! NOW GET OUT!"

"Master, if you would let me explain why I had to shoot the baby-"

"GET THE HELL OUT!" A silver ashtray flew across the room and dented Alucard right between the eyes.

As he vanished to his chambers he could hear Integra mumbling something along the lines of "...a fitting punishment for Alucard."


In the dark corner of the dungeon he waited, his sack of equiptment filled with everything he needed to weaken the vampire and prepare for his plans, the man grinned as he heard Alucard's heavy footsteps going down the long winding stairs and down the dark corridors that lead into his chambers.

"Soon," he whispered,"your powers will be mine..."


The moment he stepped through the doorway into his chambers and waked into the center of the room, the first thing he noticed was that his guns were lying neatly on the table. And everything was too orderly. Normally the outside enviroment sorted out like a typically day. But with someone who was not a typical man or even a human at all, Alucard became like a dog sensing that an intruder was coming upon his master's front lawn. Fangs bared and all five senses heightened.

A sharp ordor hit his nose and he repressed a gagging cough, but it came out regardless curling his body foreward and burning his nostrils. His mind triggered the identity behind the scent to be garlic bulbs. Much to some expert beliefs-the smell of garlic triggered a uncomfortable sensation in vampires. The ordor was very much strong and overwhelming, whereas to a human it would just tingling feeling the senses; to a vampire it was like a noxious fume that could make some fall to their knees. And the more of them there were the more the stench would hold them. He secretly glanced over towards the threshold out of the corner of his eye and saw freash bulbs of garlic tied to ropes and laced around the wooden doorframe above large celldoor.

"What the hell?" he thought.

Glancing around he crept towards the table in front of his large chair and casually reached over to grab his jackal. He slithered his hand towards the handle of gun trying to not make it look to whoever was watching that he knew that he was being observed. He would get the upper hand sooner or later. With the speed of a stricking viper he grabbed for the handle and screamed out in pain. It was like he had placed his guns on the grate of a firey hot heater burning deeply through the cloth of his glove and into the palm of his hand. Letting out a deep throated growl he raised his hand and removed the fingers from around his gun wincing in every pain as fabrics of his cloth and skin peeled off when the gun fell from his hands and broke in half on the hard rocky concrete floor. He reached out with his good hand to the other gun hoping that it too was not tampered with but to his bereavement he got the same reaction he did from his other gun.

A soft sizzling sound reached his ears as he tore his other hand away from his Joshua leaving behind a scrotched glove cloth and piece of skin around the handle. He threw it down like a hot pototoe and bared his fangs.


Two arms wrapped around his waist and pressed his stomach into the side of the table pinning him down. A lean chest pressed up against his back. His first instinct was to use his strength to throw the agressor off but thinking it could be Integra with another one of her punishments he leaned into the restraint and purred.

"Integra?" he smirked,"a little foreward are we?"

So this is my punishment...being submitted and forced to commit wanton acts of carnality until it hurts?

In his ear came a baritone chuckle that was a bit too masculine to be Integra.

"If you were not a vampire and were a catholic instead," the voice whispered,"you would make a beautiful alter-boy Alucard."

Suddenly he felt a cloth satuated with garlic cover his mouth and press cutting off his conscienceness while the one arm remained around his waist tighting its vice. Everything in his body began to shut off trying to overcome the overwhelming stench of strong garlic filling his nose and stinging into his brain with nothing short of a foggy disorientation that left his whole body limp and heavy. The last thing he felt before blacking out was the wood chips scraping under his nails and the dragging sound it made as he was being pulled away from the table into utter darkness.

His head was still swimming in a sea of rancid garlic when Alucard started to slowly come to. Tiny streams of blood watered his eyes traveling down into his mouth for so unbearable the strength of the smell which knocked him out. When he got all of his five to six senses realligned he was staring up at the rafters in his ceiling. He still couldn't fully awaken yet but seeing those brown gnarled rafters gave him comfort in that he was still in his lair.

Yet something was wrong and the whole room was out of place.

The side of his mouth burned and so did the skin around his wrists. They felt like electrified needles burying into his cold flesh and tapping into his nervous system. The feelings intensified when he would move his hands around and growl inwardly. He felt light-headed, weak, angry; so deeply angry but even angerier still that he could not combat that moment of fatigue he experienced with the smell of garlic hanging over his door.

His head was too heavy to move it seemed. So he gazed his eyes up, down and around to get a assessment of his situation. There were colorful beads around his wrists on the left and right of his arms attached to the head of his coffin (he was in his coffin?) five layers wrapped over and over his hands that were black and burn like someone had set them on fire. And even smelled of burning skin.

Part of his mouth burned stung again and he turned his head away to wipe his mouth on his sleeves laying close to his face.

Out of the corner of his eye a white gloved hand reached out and stroked the tip of his fingers down his face...

"Oh good," Enrico smiled,"you're awake, I was afraid that it would of knocked you into a coma, I was going to use holy water but I didn't want to burn that pretty face clean off."

"What is going on," Alucard growled straining against his restraints,"what is the meaning of this?"

Enrico was leaning over Alucard on his stomach with his one hand pressed firmly on his chest while the other was exploring the vampire's face and hair. He took a frighten interest in the facial layout of the No Life King and a smiled grew into a toothy grin when his hand lingred on certain parts of his face that the archbishop liked. Alucard did not want the archbishop on top of him. Touching him. Staring down at him with as much fascination that his first Hellsing Master had for him. As soon as Alucard flinched from Enrico's touch the stream of holy water from the de-barking collar around his neck shoot into the patch of skin between his jaw and his neck leaving behind yet another burn as agonizing as a frostbite.

The Archbishop chuckled quietly and removed the ribbon from his hair to make it to fall down and merge into Alucard's ebony locks so it would gently blend into the darkness of the hair color. Even without looking back at Maxwell he could picture that hair flowing as long as a waterfall blanketing the vampire and priest's face at the same time. Maxwell leaned in further and could help but laugh when the tip of his hair would tickle Alucard's skin.

"Maybe it will make things easier for you," he whispered into Alucard's ear,"you could imagine me as Integra while I do this to you."

A warm tongue coated with saliva made its way over the vampire's neck and up over the cheekbones stopping at the velvet texture underneath his left eye. Alucard was surprised at himself that he let out a involuntary shudder to the human's action. Enrico repeated the saliva pattern again and cupped the vampire's chin in his other hand drawing him towards his captor's own face to look upon.
When Enrico stared down at him, Alucard forced into the dark recesses of his mind to use his powers and escape his treatment. But nothing happened. He urged his will to make himself into mist but when he did a glowing aura the same color as Enrico's hair enveloped his entire body and absorbed into him. Leaving him feeling even more tired than he was coming out of his garlic induced repose.

"I borrowed a few of Anderson's things," Enrico explained seeing the look of bewilderment in Alucard's eyes,"mostly those paper barriers he uses to trap demons and vampires, you know that they prevent a monster from using thier dark magic, however, you also didn't know that it keeps thier powers in the monster's body under a state of dormancy until the barriers are removed or damaged. I placed them around the coffin while you were asleep. Don't worry, I plan to take them off as soon as I get what I want."

"And what is it that you want?" demanded Alucard.

His ear tickled from the hot breath around his lobe as the archbishiop whispered,"Your powers...I want your powers and your dark conversion."

Alucard widened his eyes fully in shock,"Y-You are insane, what makes you think I would even consider taking you under my wing, Seras would make a better fledgling than you and she has, you will not be made into a vampire, I will not be your master."

Enrico produced under his vest a small silver knife and wooden crucifix,"Who said I wanted you as my master, I am to be my own master," he replied ,"I just want your powers and I will be on my way."

"No," the vampire refused,"it dosen't ever work that way and though I can't use my powers now I will still not give them to you!"

The blade hovered near the buttoned up collar of Alucard's shirt and ascot. With careful procision he nudged the blade under two buttons of the collar and slit upwards until all of Alucard's neck was exposed. Though the vampire knew in some discretion how Integra felt when she was restrained by Incognito in the Tower of London, he shared her grim determination not to show any weakness or distress in front of the enemy.
It was not the first time he had been held hostage but it was the last, and he was eager to keep it that way. Enrico's face edged closer to his pale neck pressing into the jugular pulse with his mouth, nipping and kissing all around his neck. In the archbishop's twisted plot he would coerce the vampire to drink his blood. Either by seduction or by threat. And judging by the lack of responce he was getting from the seduction at this moment. He would have to try the second alternative.

"I am suprised," he muttered hanging over Alucard's head until his neck was paraell to the vampire's bared teeth,"I would have thought it would excite you enough to have you nibble me at least for a tiny bit. They said you are not discret when it comes to pleasing humans. You will take anyone. Man or Woman. Like a dirty little whore. Perhaps I should just pay your little fledgling a visit-what was her name-?"

"Don't you dare go near her!" Alucard cried as his masterful protective duties kicked in and he lunged at Enrico's neck.

He entered his throat and broke the skin. In anger and rage. Alucard would sink his fangs into Enrico's throat and prepare to rip it out of his neck cavity. There was no any way to explain that sudden attack but that he simply snapped at the thought of that sneaky, slimy, rotten catholic touching and doing anything to the fledgling he called his own.

The bloodlust filled his entire body even without his powers but he was still frantically letting the adrenline of loyalty consume him. The Vampire Barely even noticed now that Enrico did the opposite of what anyone in his situation would do upon being bitten by Alucard. He wrapped his arms around the vampire's neck and leaned into the feeding. Nuzzling the vampire's own throat and feeling his old blood and mortal life drain away. To be replaced with the raw awesome power of Alucard's own life essence that was barely even life itself. Enrico dearly wanted this, to be free of the human shackles of being a mere archbishop and becoming something more-to hell with his own sensiblity-more to be not a low-level employer of the Pope. To be in his level and take over. And Alucard's power and turning would make that happen once and for all.

Alucard was overcome with bloodlust.

But Enrico was overcome with lust for power.

And each one was trying to win out over the other tonight.

Blood was the key to everything, Alucard always told Seras that, it can tell you more than a simple word or sentence can decipher. The blood flows and imprints every thought, every feeling and emotion; the good and bad memories and who someone is.
A vampire can tell who or what a person is like by drinking one pint of thier blood. Even recognize thier family tree and ancestry when you sample that thick red liquid. The vampire tightly shut his eyes but in his mind's eye he could see what was there. In a film of red he saw the dark tendrils around Enrico's body as he stood behind the Pope reciting one of his many speeches to the crowd. A close-up of his grin paled in comparison to a sadomastic cheshire cat and the glimpse of the Pope's body ripped apart with limbs broken in every different place on the anatomy as a vampiric Enrico lapped up the contents.
He forced his eyes opened to cut off the disturbing premonition and tore his fangs out of Enrico's throat leaning his head back and spitting out the blood on his coffin lining.

"I won't be a part of your gorey assassination," he gasped averting Enrico's face pushing back shortly after the feeding,"I don't care what happens to the Pope or the Vatican for that matter but I will not be a accessory to your greed!"

Once again the stream of holy water silenced Alucard's tongue burning and bleeding into his mouth and fangs. He groaned loudly as the acid hot bitter liquid ran down into his mouth and espogheus irritating the very delicate muscles. He gasped loudly forcing himself to breath, gag, or in this case cough up the disgusting water out of his body. He dry heaved the water out of his mouth at last, resulting in his oral cavity singed worse than when it came down his throat.

A sharp hiss was heard over him, the tip of something sharp but not metallic lightly pressed into his lips. It was boney and very thin as a sharp pole. A thick tongue slitering up and down the corner of Alucard's lips forcing his fleshy core to become coldy paralyzed.

"Look at me," urged Enrico,"look at what you help me become!"

I can't turn away...

He turned his head and gazed up at Enrico.

I was too reckless...

Clearly the red eyes and sharp fangs gleamed bright from Enrico's face in the darkness. The tip of his thumb running along the true vampire's lips.

I wanted to keep Seras safe...forgive me...I just didn't want to fail you again my master....

Vampire Enrico placed the silver knife aside and gripped the crucifix. Since his gloves guarded the skin underneath from feeling the holy effects of the cross. He grabbed the crux part of the relic and without saying a word shoved it down into Alucard's mouth. Moving and twisting it around to demonstate a filthy foreshadowing of what would be to come. Every bit of pain the No Life King experienced from the holy water was quickly forgotten as soon as the crucifix's power blackened his tongue and bleeding it severly with the splinters scrapping off the taste buds. "I can read your thoughts now vampire," snarled Enrico with his brand new ruby eyes flashing,"if you dare to try and contact your friends with your telecommunication I will butcher them the moment they enter the chamber, do you want to risk that, do you want to risk them coming here to save you?"

Alucard's on and off struggles were ceased altogether when Enrico questioned Alucard's will to live over the saftey of his master, fledgling, and Angel of Death. He relaxed ruefully and let the crucifix do its work moving up and down. Cruel words like "sucking it like a dirty harlot" and "having fun with his alter-boy" tore him apart. He flushed in despair whenever Enrico called him "his little alter-boy" the fact that he would compare the mighty vampire to a simple little miniture human sex toy to the archbishop degraded him. With the other hand that was free it snaked its way through Alucard's hair almost gently carressing all the way down over his heavy red overcoat, although his chest was fully clothed at the moment Alucard could still feel Maxwell's artic hand feeling out every dip and curve of his full-grown alter boy. Tracing the buttons on his vest with the tip of his index finger.

"Yes little alter-boy," groaned Enrico,"suck it...bite on it...there is much more to come."

There is no other way...no matter what he does I can't let them see me like this...I can't be helpless in Master's eyes...I must endure this on my own...for them...I can't let expose them to this...

Alucard's fangs scrapped the hard metal and polished wood of the crucifix as he bite through the material to Enrico's request. His strong fangs broke through the other side and held his fangs and mouth still as soon as Enrico removed his hand finally from the damaged not-so-holy relic. The vampire laid there obedient to the saftey of his master, whom was upstairs shielded by the terrible torture her servant was taken in matyrdom to anything he didn't want to happen to her at the hands of the animalistic Enrico the vampire. Not even fighting off those hands when they grabbed a handful of his vest and blouse and tore it open away from his chest. When some areas of his clothes were harder to rip at than others he would use his fangs and tear them off like a wild animal.

Enrico idly pulled the rest of the clothing away including his red overcoat and threw it aside in a corner of the lair far enough not to touch the paper barriers surrounding the crime scene of Alucard's defilement. Gloved hands began to roam over his smooth snow-white skin exaulting in every touch and squeeze that made Alucard whimper pitifully. Even the sound of his own cries made the vampire feel his pride slowly ebbing away into nothingness, it sickened him that after the way he was tricked into biting this b*****d his sense of sexual stimulation was counteracting to the light touch of lips and hands around the most sensitive areas on him along his shoulders and breastbone.

Maxwell found a soft patch of skin along the side of his torso that made Alucard squirm and played on that like a violionist rubbing it back and forth roughly to get a rise out of his vampire. He leaned his head down close to Alucard's neck and trailed south with his long tongue all the way down the valley between his chest, lapping it up hungerily.
Enrico's tongue glazed over a firm n****e on Alucard's right pec. Teasing the erect nub with the tip of his tongue as he began rubbing it. Alucard gasped from the touch and twitched activating the holy water to hit his face and sting him. Strangely enough he was now used to the feeling of the holy water on his face.

He grew frighteningly accustomed to the pain, darkly even wanting it, his own sado-mastic tendencies were being used against him. Out of his control. He could just scream in frustation if the crucifix wasn't in his mouth. The tip of Enrico's tongue massage the right n****e and dragged itself over to the left with a firm wet slapping motion satuating it just as dripping wet as it left its twin nub. Everything from the stroking of his biceps to the c**k becoming falsely aroused distracted the poor vampire from his assaulter's fangs extracting and sinking deeply into the vein around Alucard's heart.

"Stop it," he choked through the makeshift crucifix gag,"off. Off. Of me. Now..."

Drinking deeply the blood that held the sleeping powers.

Taking and sampling ever sweet nutrient that was Alucard's weapon and means of defence, Enrico kept on drinking and taking in Alucard's dark blood of his own free will. Until he could feel the leathery wings of bats, burning hot sulfuric embers of demonic abilities, and the screams of familiars asborbed throughout the centuries swallowed up, and swimming in Enrico's mind with the lethargic soothe of a nice aromic candle burning with incense. Enrico moaned passionately through his blood-filled mouth.

Callously, The vampire bishop ignored the sudden sounds of Alucard's weeping. Everything he had, that the vampire kept perserved, and became a part of him was being removed into that of someone that would abuse his gift. The fangs removed themselves from the submissive vampire's skin and scraped along the surface of his chest drawing in a line of deep red a cross and lower down the shape of a Jesus fish on Alucard's stomach.
More heated kisses journeyed on a quest to reach Alucard's lower regions were stopped and replaced hands stroking his inner thighs and the bulge within his pant crease.

"I see you are not putting up a fight anymore," cooed the archbishop vampire,"I think you are liking this, hah, I figured a little withering demon in heat like you wouldn't be able to resist. Let me help you with those pants...I am sure they are-quite-'uncomforable' by now."

He squeezed Alucard's groin when he said the word "uncomfortable" with a devious grin.

"No," the vampire commanded in his thoughts,"you coward, you will pay for this, I will kill you just as horribly as I will kill your Judas Priest, if I were you I would be scared right now."

"Hehehehe, after seeing how much you squirmed I think I have nothing to be scared of now, who knows, maybe after I take The Pope's place and destroy your worthless organization I will keep you all for myself. You have such a lovely face," the back of bent fingers rubbed up and down his jawline,"like a angelic child, almost a crime to think how much Anderson kept trying to cut it up. With boyish charms I can see why some of the Iscariot priest like to talk about how much they want to ******** you."

Alucard's mouth opened in the menacing hiss of a cornered cat. Yet Enrico just unbashly stroked the vampires bloodsoaked fangs with his fingers. Showing with his groin pressed against Alucard's own that it made him hard and wanting other things stroked besides fangs.
With the other vampire's eyes on the one below him, Enrico removed his own clothes until he was absolutely naked with the exception of his gloves and moved his busy hands down to unpants him. That there was when Alucard saw that his legs were not as tied as his arms but the archbishop that taken care of that by pinning his legs down with his knees on them.

Sharp claws and newly formed vampire strength stood little chance with the stiches on the black trousers holding what little censorship that Alucard the true vampire had and reached out gripping his length with a dominant squeeze.

The Archbishop licked his lips and engulfed Alucard without warning, moving his shaft up and down with his lips and tongue smiling as he sensed Alucard writhering once again under his touch. Uncontrollable moans were music to Maxwell's ears giving him more incentive to suck his c**k harder and harder as he massaged the hip and thighs of his imprisoned victim. With himself already a vampire, he could saftely do whatever carnal thing he wanted to Alucard and penetrate him brutally without fear of turning into a ghoul.

Sultry blood boil in Enrico's veins digging his wet fingers into Alucard's thigh so quickly that he could hear the skin just snapping under the pressure. The vampire shuddered and bucked straight into Enrico's horny mouth sucking in time with the Hellsing vampire's thrusts endlessly and hungerily.

All of Maxwell's hard earned b*****b was rewarded with the bittersweet taste of the vampire's c** entering into his mouth and down his chin. He pressed his hands down on Alucard and lifted up his head letting some of the vampire's c** drip into a puddle around his crotch. He reached over and removed the cross. There was nothing left of it anyway but a dented statue of a half-naked jew and broken parts of the wood.

"You got what you wanted you son of a b***h," Alucard coughed loudly,"now get out!"

Instead of a amused scrowl, Enrico grabbed the silver knife angerily and traced the cross and Jesus fish with the tip of the burning blade. The only sound made was the sizzle of the silver cauterizing the wounds in Alucard's torso to prevent his healing ability from removing it. When the blade was removed the scrotched designs were blacken and charred into a grim drawing against a sweaty white backdrop of vampire skin.

"I am not through with you yet my little alter-boy," grinned the archbishop vampire madly,"you are just too delicious to let go."

Before Alucard could voice a vain protest he felt the broken wood of the crucifix enter his rectum. Enrico held him down by wrapping his fingers around his neck tightly (albeit not too tightly to strangle his abused little alter-boy) and shoved the crucifix deeper until more blood gushed out and stained the fabric of the coffin lining. The object moved back and forth viciously as it did in his mouth, once more a grim symbol of the worst that could be done to him.

Now he wanted to cry for help. Use his voice, his mind, his screams-anything at all. To cease this torture and heed the destructive call of his master. But if he did Enrico would probably commit acts in his new vampire form worse towards her what he was doing to him. He bit down on his mouth painfully enduring the sodomy that was stretching his a**s for penetration which he knew was about to come. There came a long tear when the crucifix came out and was tossed callously aside under the table drenched with blood and whatever assorted liquids that Alucard may have had within him.

The abused vampire wiggled his body and nervously contracted every muscle torn, beaten, stretched, and burned during his torture shaking from the horrible pressure of being in the nightmarish archbishop's hands or arms rather as Enrico wrapped them around Alucard's bleeding waist and patched kisses around his face and even his extracted fangs. The True Nosteraftu realized now why vampires were so afraid of those under God. They showed no remorse in the destruction of those they believed followed Satan's path. And tonight, Enrico made it showed, giving him everything that was thrown back at him in even his most psychotic of transgressions during battle.

Tears came down his face, too weakened to refuse thier appearence, lapped up gently by Enrico's protuding tongue. Enrico pressed his hands against the sides of Alucard's face gently as an harsh kiss covered his mouth chewing through his lips with a crisp clean crunch of a apple being bitten up; he could feel icy cold blood run down the corners of his mouth and flow through the archbishop's fingers. Enrico suckled and nursed the bleeding lips with his tongue until the blood was licked clean.

"Why," he asked though he sort of understood his own question as he spoke it the archbishop's bloodstained fingers combing through Alucard's hair smoothing his bangs back from his forehead gently,"why are you doing this?"

"Keep quiet," He gave him a hard smack across the face then rubbed his chest once more,"you talk like we are finished my little alter-boy, but I have one more punishment for you..."

Without warning, Enrico lurched his arms foreward and grabbed both of Alucard's wrists pulling on the rosaries until they broke and scattered the beads everywhere around the chamber before pulling Alucard towards him and forcing him down on his stomach. Hands went down the spine of his back and to his rump prying apart his legs. He could hear his writhering alter-boy whimper when he kissed and licked the inside of his thighs and all over the back of his legs down to the calves.

A short break was held for Enrico to take out a small bottle of water filed with garlic powder and apply it on his c**k withholding the sharp sting he felt when it touched his bare skin but added much more to Alucard's hole and around his inner thighs numbing the entire lower half of his body. Alucard had his face buried into the crook of his arms and pillow at the same time Enrico entered from behind clawing up and down his shoulder blades and pushing his entire shaft into the vampire. All at once the coffin shook and moved to the beat of Enrico's violent thrusts breaking the soft tissue as if it was nothing more than a delicate piece of silk.

The vampire underneath Enrico let out wave after wave of muffled sobs refusing to scream and attact what he didn't want to be seen by anyone. All of those memories of his childhood rape at the hands of the Sultan came folding back to him. Memories that he wanted to be kept locked away forever. Enrico gripped his buttocks and shoved down in a long hard thrust straight into Alucard's prostate forcing the vampire to hold back a moan by biting down on his pillow just like he used to before. The archbishop leaned back doggardly impaling his manhood on The Impaler with every muscle stroking his foreskin.
The submitted vampire couldn't take it anymore, he ripped his pillow in two and covered his ears from the feverish words that Enrico whispered into his ear.

"Just like Leo before you, such a sweet little boy with a nice tight heat just like yours," he went on breathing heavily,"he looked just like you...nice little alter-boy that I loved to ******** every night.."-vampiric nails broke the skin on the back of his shoulders leaving four smeary red trails downward-"he never told Anderson, wouldn't let him, but he ran away one night and when I found him he killed himself, what a pity, but you are just as good."-Enrico's stone hard c**k drove into Alucard deeper-"..yes..."

Harder and deeper he went into the infamous vampire. All the fear that he once knew back in the Museum leaving his body along with his god-fearing, his holiness, his mortality, his humanity-lord yes even his sanity. Ripped apart just as much as Alucard was from the inside with no hope in sight. No hope that everything the Hellsing vowed to protect would forgive him. Humilating the vampire flourished when he grabbed his thighs and pulled the long slender legs apart even wider. Allowing more leverage into penetrating the tight yet bruised oriface of his alter-boy's hole.

When the archbishop came into Alucard the c** mixed with the lubricant of the garlic water burning the skin around his alter-boy's interior until bloody skin boiled his a**s and peeled off just as Enrico removed himself from his victim. Alucard was left lying on his stomach screaming and crying loudly from the burning pain in his insides.
Enrico knew he had to leave now, he got what he wanted and more, now was the time to get going and carry on his conquest to take over as the new dark Pope. He quickly made the knife levitate into his hand and slashed into Alucard's thick muscular back writing the cauterized words into him just as he heard someone coming down the hall.

"Tell them if you will," said Enrico,"but this will make sure they know who you truely are..."

When he finished, he got out of the coffin and got dressed as fast as he could. He wouldn't let them see his new vampire form yet. Not just yet. Knicking the broken gun aside he disappeared into the shadows just as the door opened and Seras entered the room.

"Master," she said,"master, are you okay, I heard screaming."

She approached the middle of the room holding her hand over her nose at the immediate smell of garlic hitting her nostrils. She pulled out her gun and approached the coffin.Her eyes widened in horror at the sight laid before her. The Master's ripped clothes laying in a corner of the room, small round beads strewed all over floor (which she almost slipped on) and last but not least papers that were similar to the ones she saw on the walls in the exact same building where she first encountered the paladin. Laid ritualistically in a circle around the open coffin where her master laid without a sound.

"Master..." her trembling voice repeated.

She clicked the saftey off her gun and walked closer to the coffin. The inside smelled of garlic, sex, blood, and sulfur. There was something in red with black, blue, and purple hemorrage in a very odd pattern that seemed to make out words carved into the center of his back.

Iscariot's b***h

"Oh my god." she gasped,"master, who did this to you?"
No sound from her master scared Seras even more, she turned around and ran up the steps out into the hallway.

"SIR INTEGRA!" She screamed out in the dungeon's hallways,"SIR INTEGRA SOMETHING HAPPEND TO MASTER!"
You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you
******** your God
Your Lord and your Christ
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why

It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you
Broken down and paralyzed
He did it all for you
He did it all for you

Oh so many many ways for me to show you
How your dogma has abandoned you
Pray to your Christ, to your god
Never taste of the fruit
Never stray, never break
Never---choke on a lie
Even though he's the one who did this to you
You never thought to question why

Not like you killed someone
It's Not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side
Talk to Jesus Christ
As if he knows the reasons why
He did it all for you
Did it all for you
He did it all for you..

Judith-A Perfect Circle

There are just somethings that become a second instinct to you if you have been doing it for so long. For Seras, it was sitting at a table facing the door and glancing at anyone coming in and out and another thing was looking at the enviroment and knowing exactly the situation without given it a moment's notice.. And for Seras the easiest was when it was someone a victim of rape, since as long as she was on the force, she was always the one on-call whenever they had to communicate with a sexual assualt victim. Her bright-eyed innocence and warm nature was a key to getting the victim to open up. For they always could whenever Seras stepped towards them.

The moment Integra, Kindle, and Walter took her master out of the lair after she found him there naked and crying, she took another look around the lair and went back up the stairs into the kitchen looking for a sandwhich bag. When she found one of good size she returned to his lair and serched the area for any clues that would help them nap the culprit and punish them.

With a pair of tweezers she remembered what she learned from taking forensic evidence and carefully placed the rosary beads and the cross she found under the table into the sandwhich bag while upstairs the others made Alucard comfortable and tried to calm him down. She could hear with her vampiric ears her master's sobs, and Kindle's soothing words. She felt conflicted at that moment. Whether or not to do what she felt was smart and collect clues or be up thier with her master instead of someone she was envious of taking her place.

"But then," she wondered,"if I don't do this...then how will we know?"


"You want what?" Integra shook her head in confusion at Seras.

Integra had just entered her office after helping Walter fix up a special room for Alucard to rest and heal. She didn't react when Seras followed her into her office but when the police girl told her what her suspicions were Integra sat down at her desk and looked up at Victoria with full attention. Yet even though she heard it loud and clear the idea of putting both her vampire guardien and something that was used on victimized women just didn't seem to go together in her mind.

"A Rape Kit," said the police girl,"I know someone back in D-11 who has experience in it and I really think we can find out who did it to master-"

"Officer Victoria," interuppted Integra,"that is jumping the gun isn't it child? We hardly started looking at the wounds, we can't just rush to conclusions because you still enjoy thinking like a cop. Although I can't say that he may not have been raped before, the idea of it happening to him now is unfathomable. We are still trying to look over how one of those Iscariot bastards got in and who did it. And besides, he is too exhausted to figure out what you ask of him to do. For now I would not advise it."

"But I am sure of it," retorted Seras,"look, I know this may be weird for someone like master, but you have to trust me not as a member of Hellsing but as a cop that has seen this happen before. I understand the idea of master being raped is hardly unlikely but the facts look very similar. Someone weakened him that badly to do those things to him. That means that we can be dealing with a dangerous foe to our organization."

"That has crossed my mind," stated Sir Integra,"that is why we are going over every scrape of information we can to know how it was done, so far someone entered through a airduct leading to the dungeons while the rest of the soldiers and staff were asleep. It was the same airduct you remember that I crawled through escaping Uncle Richard, but the man left no clues behind-"

"Yes he has!" shouted Seras slamming her hands on the desk,"I found them! That was where my vampire eyes came in sir, I found some clues!"

She reached into her coat pocket and pulled out the sandwhich bag containing rosary beads and a broken bloody crucifix and propped them on the desktop before her boss's eyes.

"See, look," she said,"its covered in blood and broken in a few places, but it looks like a crucifix, and according to religious traditons the rosary is commonly used in Catholic worship and the crucifix is usually thier cross of choice. That proves that-"

"Yes, yes, yes, I know...we saw the writing on his back I have no doubts in my mind that a catholic son of a b***h did this to him! But we still don't know if he was raped or just brutally attacked physically!"

"Sir-Sir the evidence-!" Seras tried to explain.

"I will keep these as evidence; I appeciate your help and so does Alucard," sighed Integra exhaustedly,"but for now please leave me in peace to get everything that has happened on my reports and if you still want to help assist the soldiers in serching the premises. And at this moment I would advise not pressing the matter of the rape kit even further."

The documents and a pen appearing in Integra's hand was the motion that sealed the deal between them. Seras was defeated, but it wasn't that Integra was discouraging Seras's assistence in Master's predictament it was encouraging her to help in "other ways" so to speak. Ways that said, "Your job is as a soldier not as a cop anymore" there was no way around it and to bring it up again. Yet Seras was bound and determined to do what she could to help her master in her own special way. Officer Victoria left the items on Sir Hellsing's desk and walked out of the office with her head lowered. Once she closed the door, she pulled out her cellphone and walked down the hallway into a corridor far enough from Integra or anyone else's hearing range and dialed the numbers. When she heard a woman's voice she answered.

"Yes, its me," she began quietly,"look um, I have a favor to ask you DA Swann, its about a rape kit-no, no, no don't worry, no-its not for me I am serious, nothing bad has happened to me, its...f-for a friend...he has been attacked, yes, thank you. Bye."

She shut off her cellphone.

"Who are you talking to Seras?" asked Kindle.

"Nothing," she replied brushing past the pyrotelekinetic,"it something that you don't have to worry about for now."

"I heard the word 'rape kit' and I am not stupid to know what that dosen't imply to," she said following the draculina,"you really think he had been raped?"

"Its the only explaination to what happened in that chamber of his," replied Seras,"and don't tell Integra, she dosen't understand and I dont want him to see her worry. He has enough on his mind as it is."

"I can help." Kindle offered pushing her in front of Seras.

"Look you don't know how to work in these examinations Kindle, and he dosen't need any unneeded attention. Besides, he would probably want me there anyway. Because I know what they are doing and can assure him that everything is going to be okay. And if you really care about Master's well-being you would support me on this too."


It was odd, thought Anderson, odd that he had not called him since his return from Great Britain.

Before the night of Alucard's attack, Enrico informed Father Anderson to watch things for him while he went to Great Britain to what he could only describe as "taking care of some buisness with Hellsing" before he could escourt The Pope to St. Paul's Cathedral to make a speech and assure the townspeople of his presence. Which was becoming quite nerve-racking since word went around that his Holiness started to feel ill and was getting weaker and weaker by the day. In Anderson's perspective he prayed that The Pope would recover for he was the only one who understood the necessity of chaperoning the tension between Iscariot and Hellsing for if another one was to take his place, then he was not sure how the next one would handle his duties with the two organizations. Or do it as properly as thier previous one did the job of performing.

In fact, something else tugged in the back of the paladin's head, since the news of The Pope's physical condition got out to the public. Enrico kept to himself for most of the days in his office never once conversing with Anderson, Hienkel, or Yumie. Either professionally or casually. Sitting at his office watching the children play outside behind the building of Ferdinant Luke, Father Anderson was tempted to call Enrico again for the fourth time. Or having to risk leaving another message on his voicemail. Just as he was about to dial the numbers, the door knocked sharply followed by the muffled sound of someone asking for him.

"Come in." he said putting the reciever down on the hook.

A young parishoner, no more than a teenager, entered the room with a note in his hand.

"Hello Joshua," said Father Anderson,"what can I do for you?"

Joshua stepped foreward towards Anderson's desk and dropped the letter down in front of him,"Its for you from Archbishop Maxwell."


Sir Integra paced back and forth in her office waiting for Seras and Kindle to come in. It was bad enough that the police woman disobeyed her, but to top it off getting thier recruit Kindle involved and almost getting her hurt. Not to mention putting a doctor and a nurse in the hospital just because the draculina wouldn't take no for an answer...

"Master please!" she heard Seras's voice as Integra ran down the hall at the sound of the alarm,"stop it! They are not trying to hurt you-!"

"Lies! ITS ALL LIES! DON'T TOUCH ME!" Her vampire roared by the time she reached the door to the examination room.

It happened so quickly. One minute Sir Integra was finishing up the last of her paperwork for today. And then all of a sudden the intercom buzzes with a code red. Which meant that Alucard had become too violent and was attacking random staff members. Taking the gun out of her top drawer, she loaded it with silver bullets and ran down the nearest hallway where she could hear men and women screaming followed by the sounds of someone growling like a rabid animal and shouting obsurdities in Old Romanian. She used the rampant language to pinpoint where the source of the chaos was taking place and found herself on the medical ward of the building.

Down the hallway of the infirmery ward she stopped short to see a red-haired woman with yellow eyes standing there. Staring at Integra with both a look of relief and utter shock. She was visibly shaking and said not a word but pointing to a set of double doors to gesture to Sir Integra that whatever she was looking for was behind those doors.

"Kindle," she ordered to the woman,"no matter what you hear in there, or what you see, I don't want you to go inside until I say so, understand?"

Kindle silently shook her head.

Integra pulled out her gun in front of her and slowly walked through the door. When she came upon her vampire servant and Seras her mouth dropped wide open. The examination room where soldiers were taken in to tend to thier debilitating wounds was soaked from top to bottom in all sort of different shades of blood. The room smelled of antiseptics that cut through the stench of rotting corpses and from what her nose gathered a few gastrointestinal releases that might have occured during the slaughter. A man in a white doctor's coat was withering on the ground in a pile of his own guts trying to hold his throat into his thoratic cavity. Next to him somebody that appeared to be a brunette woman that she had never seen before in a pair of white scrubs and a black sweater screaming in pain while placing her hand over her ankle twisted in the most inhuman way.

And hunched in the corner with his face buried in bloody hands was Alucard in what appeared to be a thick blue robe.

Even with all the blood. All the carnage. He did not look estatic as he usually did. Not even bothering to clean up the floor of all the blood flowing around him like a halo. Nothing compared to the carnage she was scared her more than staring at the Hellsing vampire-trembling and screaming in Romanian. Out of the corner of her eye she could see a strawberry blond girl in a short skirted uniform standing there with her hands up talking slowly and quietly to Alucard.

"Seras," she hissed between her teeth,"what have you done?"

"Answer my questions Officer Victoria," demanded the Hellsing woman the moment that the draculina stepped through the office door,"what the bloody hell do you think you were trying to pull freaking Alucard out like that after what happened to him!?"

"Please Sir Hellsing," begged Seras,"I can explain-"

"Shut up! Just shut the hell up," a fist pounded on the desk with a bang,"how dare you go behind my orders like that Victoria, did you think that was fun, watching him rip those people to shreds, this is not another mission, those people had no idea who you were sending them to. And you probably didn't even get anything out of it didn't you?"

"No...they...they didn't even get that close to-to-to-"

"You are damn right," shouted Integra,"you messed up Seras, and what is worse, you put yourself, Alucard, and Kindle at risk!"

"I am sorry-!" Seras butted in.

"Sorry dosen't cut it," snapped the Hellsing Leader with her hair wildly messed up from all the fuming she was doing,"Seras, he dosen't know what that is or why or how it works. Something really terrible happened to him. And we don't know what. I told you it wasn't wise at the moment. You could have at least waited once the search was over-now you made it worse. He won't talk to Walter or myself. He won't say anything, it took us a half-hour to calm him down and bandage his wounds!"

"Please don't yell at her." came another voice from the doorway.

Both women looked over at the doorway simuleanously at the same red-haired woman that Integra met in the hallway of the medical ward standing at the open doorway with a hand resting on the knob. She looked over at both Integra and Seras. A little longer on the latter. And spoke up with a trembled voice once again.

"Please," she said,"it wasn't her fault, she just wanted to help her master, she had to. Its her Master, Sir Integra. I wasn't hurt anyway, and-and the nurse and doctor won't say a word. They swear! I knew she was going to do it. She told me. And I llet her. If you have to get mad at anyone get mad at me-"

"You will be talked to later Kindle," Integra stared at the girl, but not as venomously as she did Seras, which confused the vampire fledgling,"now go."

"Very well," She did a short curtsy to Integra and closed the door behind her.

"And as for you," Integra stared back at Seras,"your orders were to assist the soldiers. I think it is best that you keep away from Alucard's room for the time being. Kindle will monitor his progress."

Seras's eyes widened, she was his fledgling, he made her! And now she was restrained from seeing him as if she did the crime!? This was unfair. Kindle admitted that she didn't tell Integra and that was just as bad. Why was she asked to be by Alucard's bedside while Seras had to sever contact from him. Kindle was making her very irked since the day she arrived. Watching her and Alucard, as well as Integra and Walter share a secret repour with her and leave her out in the cold angered her. Angered her enough to unleash her own vampiric rage on Integra and show her not to keep her from her master. But she kept herself from clenching her fists. The punishment was in reality not as harsh as she previous thought it was. Integra asked for more than a few days of distance between her and Alucard. At least until he got himself together and wasn't as paranoid. It was better than being banished or imprisoned down in the dark dungeons.

Or worst yet-turned to ashes by Integra's own hands.

Walking down the dark hallway to clear her mind, she didn't notice Kindle standing in the shadows watching her; worridly.

Wishing to reach out and touch both of them. The Master and the Fledgling.


The memories of both rapes played out in Alucard's mind laying in the bed. A second nurse who was supervised by two soldiers and Sir Integra bandaged Alucard's wounds on his chest, back and legs though she said that the internal damage he sustained would have to heal by his own abilities with plenty of blood. From then on, only Walter was allowed to take blood into the room. Maids were not allowed to clean the room even as Alucard slept, it was also done by Walter alone. The Vampire placed all of his trust into the Angel of Death.That late afternoon, he laid on the bed in a nightmare of tossing and turning despite the sores rubbing against the bedsheets.

Shaking every memory of that night away with no success.

The side of his mouth burned and so did the skin around his wrists. They felt like electrified needles burying into his cold flesh and tapping into his nervous system. The feelings intensified when he would move his hands around and growl inwardly. He felt light-headed, weak, angry; so deeply angry but even angerier still that he could not combat that moment of fatigue he experienced with the smell of garlic hanging over his door.

He let out a heavy groan and felt his hands trail along the gashes along his chest.

The blade hovered near the buttoned up collar of Alucard's shirt and ascot. With careful procision he nudged the blade under two buttons of the collar and slit upwards until all of Alucard's neck was exposed.

The Vampire shook and gripped the edges of his pillow until his knuckles bled white.

Gloved hands began to roam over his smooth snow-white skin exaulting in every touch and squeeze that made Alucard whimper pitifully. Even the sound of his own cries made the vampire feel his pride slowly ebbing away into nothingness

Everytime he remembered he felt he had failed...

tongue glazed over a firm n****e


he grabbed his thighs and pulled his long slender legs apart even wider.

...time, Alucard knew he had failed his master...

Allowing more leverage into penetrating the tight yet bruised oriface of his alter-boy's hole.

Alucard opened his eyes with a loud scream and sat up, his upper body bolting foreward like a cataupolt. He was in a small but stately bedroom. Not as big as his master's bedroom. Along the wall in the corner of the end of the room was a roaring fireplace. The room was stripped of mirrors and pictures. All that was left as a furniture was the single bed, table, a few chairs placed in front of the hearth, and the beside table where a oil lamp was placed. The drapes were a maroon blue and closed barely letting any light in.

"Alucard," was the sound that he rarely heard for so long; the gentle soothing sound of Integra's voice,"I am here."

He didn't have to look over to know that she was sitting in a large cushioned chair next to his bed. Perched there like a man would be, with her legs crossed in a gentlemenly fashion with her elbows resting on her knees, and her fingers intertwined into one another. Looking at him with a gentle gaze that revealed inner distress and worry all the while trying to command cool consolation without breaking the air of restraint and emotionless drabble. Just like always. He could smell her scent; the aroma of cigars and pressed leather of her suit. All the vampire could do was stare at his bedsheets and not even make eye contact with the Hellsing woman.

"I failed you Integra," he whispered,"I failed to stop him...he would have hurt you all, it was the only way I had to..."

"Please, don't say anything," she implored,"you didn't fail, you never did, at times it felt like it but in the end when it came to protecting this house and all inside its wall you always succeeded no matter what the cost, you are my vampire-my protector, you will never fail me even if you tried."

"I...I just..." She saw him clutch the sheets between his shaking fingers.

"Alucard, please, its troubling you so," she went on,"just hear me out. We are going to find out who attacked you, because apparently he found a way into Hellsing without having it alert the guards or you. And that is what troubles me. Whoever did this won't get away with what they have done. They try and hurt one Hellsing they hurt everyone and everyone will bite back. You taught us by demonstrating time and time again. I am sorry what Seras tried to pull, and she has been talked to about it. It won't ever happen again. No one will get angry at you for hurting that doctor and that nurse. I won't punish you for it. We are going to punish the ones that made you this way."

"My-I-In my coffin...?"

"Unfortuntely," she sighed deeply,"the coffin is being examined, to find out any clues that will help us out, which means that you will have to rest in here so your healing will not occur as rapidly as it would in your coffin but its the only way to make sure nothing has been tampered with to hurt you again. Plus it will be easier for me and Walter to moniter your health and assist in your recovery."

Alucard laid back down until the back of his head touched the pillow, he stared up at the ceiling listening to every word that his master said for the first time ever, "Don't fret about the attack happening again Alucard, Kindle will keep the first watch tonight and-"

"And Seras?"

Integra trailed off,"She...she will be with the soldiers going over certain details..."Integra added sharply,"...that is her assignment now."

She stood up and looked down at Alucard, observing every wound. There were so many not even the nurse could bandage them all Whoever did this found it to be very personal with Alucard. They could tell from the writing on his back that it was someone from Iscariot but who? Anderson? His paper barriars were there. But as she had witnessed in thier fights there was some sort of strange honor between them. Almost like the knights of old that lived by a Charglemaine code of chilvery. No matter how much Father Anderson abhorred Alucard, she couldn't see him playing dirty like that. Unless Alucard was to egg him on as a jest. But then surely, if that was the case god forbid, then Alucard would most definitely be eager to get the upper hand back up again and not just lay there and take every beating and thrashing known to man or monster.

Which still begged the question: Which one of them did this?

"Alucard, I won't try to understand or pretend how much you are hurting, and I won't hold it against you. When we get ahold of the offender. Not even God's punishment will be enough to hurt them. It would be almost too gentle after they come across us."

"Oh ******** your damn god," growled Alucard abruptly,"do you think he cares what happend to me, a monster such as myself, I gave up on him when I was The Impaler, now he is returning the favour; he probably planned this whole thing from the beginning, just leave me be master."


"JUST LEAVE ME BE!" he screamed and rolled over to his side away from her.

To those that may have been in the room would be shocked to find that Alucard the vampire servant had told Integra his master. To leave. Or to put it bluntly. Had told her what to do. And anyone who had known Integra for a long time, would be equally shocked to learn that she didn't raise her voice at him. She lowered her head and turned towards the door. Nothing pressing any matter even farther. She saw him, she saw his wounds, she told him what she needed to tell him. Nothing more. Nearing the door she fought the urge to slam it shut as soon as she walked out in to the hallway but thought better on it. For now Alucard didn't need to be punished for yelling at his master.

He had already been punished enough.


*hugs Alucard and cries*
Alucard: O.O that never happened...
*sniffle* realy?
Alucard: NO!...ok it was a dream I had but-
*she interups him with sobbing*
Alucard: Saphire if you don't stop cring on me I'll punish you...
NOOOOOO!!!!!!! *runs down the halls*
Alucard: NOT IN THAT WAY!!! *sigh* damn it now I have to go find her...

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commentCommented on: Sat Aug 11, 2007 @ 04:47am
ewww horrid pairing

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I know, why not Alucard and Seras...Alucard's no one's b***h!!!

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O_O JEEZUZ!!! *runs to bathroom and cries bloody tears*

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*cries with Namori*

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*Falls over in a frozen state.*
*Eye twitch.*

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*hugs Pip* Master make the scary bishop person go away. crying

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