My dreams are extremely odd, okay?! Seriously.

This dream I had a long time ago was the oddest up to the other night... In my dream I was getting chased by this guy I don't even know. The background is all white except for my house and a neighbor two doors down. I ran into the neighbors house and into their bathroom on the second floor. A pitchfork appeared out of no where! I was like "ALL RIGHT!" I quickly grabbed it and stabbed him! He turned to bone and dusk. Just like that. No blood or nothing. So I gathered up the bones and dust and went to find my mom. When I found her, we hopped in the car, and went to the store called Food Lion. (Who knows why!) While she went in I sat in the car and some kid asked if the bones were real. I told him yes. And then we went to the dump (that for some reason only had tires) and that's the last thing I can remember.

That was a very strange dream... I had that a long time ago.
The one I had the other night was...

In the first part of my dream (I tend to have more than one dream in one night) was that my sister (who is 19 years old) married a 90 year old. There was nothing special about him. Not good looking (what really old person is?), not rich, shorter than her... I flipped out on this dude. I was all "Age is nothing but a number, but you are too old for my sister!" And blah, blah, blah. I don't remember what else... But I remember bits and pieces of being in my house with a lot of kids and trying not to wake my parents even though I failed. xD

Then the second part of that dream was my sister, my boyfriend (I think it was him anyways), and I went to this house that my maw-maw (grandmother) and grandy (grandfather) lived in. We stole their trashcan... That's where it started getting weird. I dunno why, but we couldn't drive away. Either we didn't drive there or the car broke down... Anyways, grandy was blind and deaf (in real life he isn't) and had a cane (in real life he doesn't... I don't believe) and he chased after us! How an old dude who was blind and deaf knew we stole his trashcan and was able to follow us... I had no idea. But we ran away! And we ended up in the front yard of our old house. My sister told me to go get Justin (ex-friend of hers) and I ran next door to get him. Told him we were being chased and to help. So he went out and beat up grandy. That's the last thing I can remember...

The weird thing was... We haven't seen them in about 2 or 3 years and they don't like us very much either. So I was quite surprised they turned up in my dreams.

Also, I had a dream about Criss Angel. Normally I'd be excited I had a dream about him... But he was mean and gay! I have no problem with the gay part because I have a boyfriend and he's too old for me... But he was mean to me. ]: I really want to meet him and him being mean to me broke my heart. </3

So! That's it for my odd dreams! I have an odd dream every night, but these are really the only ones I can remember very clearly at the moment. :]