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Gaia Kindergarten First day (Part two)
Gaia Kindergarten First day (Part two)

“Okay we will be leaving in five minutes. VO, Ling, and I need to talk. Just wait here” Lanzer said. He walked away from the group and went over to Ling and VO. I looked at the other kids in my group. “Hi my name is Pandys and this is Emu” I said and pointed to Emu. “Hi my name is Die buying” He said. “Your names weird so we will call you Rowen” I said. “Okay sounds great” Rowen said. “My names Bagosamundo” He said.
“I can say that we will call you Bago or Bagel” I said.” That’s fine with me” Bago said.
The other girl looked at me and didn’t say anything. I went over to her and poked her. She didn’t say anything so I poked her again. “What do you want” The girl with the soot on her face said, “I want to know your name” I said. “Fine my name is Suke” Suke said.
“Coolio knows we all know each other” I said with a big smile.” Not really you forgot the other people in our group” Emu said pointing at the other four people. “Oh thanks Emu for telling me that” She said. I want over to them.” Hi” I said. “Ello I’m Fresh Mikey but you can call me Mikey” He said.

The other guy went over and said “I’m Devil Sasuke Uchiha call me Sasuke” Sasuke said. “Nice to meet you too” I said. Out of the corner of my eyes I was two other girls.
I grabbed Emus had and dragged him over to the other girls. “Agh quit dragging me please’ Emu said. “ Sorry” She said with a cute smile. One of the girls jumped on me and said ‘Hello my name is Tsukuyami but you can call me Izuna” She said smiling. I kind of pushed her off. “Nice meeting you” I said. I looked at the other at the other girl but she went missing.

Lanzer came back. “Okay group now stick together when you guess get to towns don’t get lost and be careful” Lanzer said to us.” Okay” we all said. I went to grab Emus hand but I didn’t find it. “Oh no you don’t” Emu said crossing his arms. “Aww man “I said.
Lanzer walked out the door and we followed him. VO’s group went left, Ling’s groups went right and Lanzer’s group went straight forward. I looked all around towns it was pretty boring. But then I saw a bush. “Omg bush let’s shake it Emu” I said.” Okay” Emu said. Emu and I went over to the bush and shook it. Then 5 gold fell out of it.
I grabbed two and Emu grabbed two. “Who gets the last one” I said. “Who ever grabs it first” He said, “Okay if you say so. OMG look over there” I said. I grabbed it. Emu looked at me. “I won let’s go” I said. Emu and I ran back to our group. Then suddenly this person came out of nowhere p. He said” Want to cyber?”

“Omg a noob” I said. “Don’t worry I got it” Lanzer said. He took out this piece of paper it had weird writing on it. He put it on the noobs head.” It didn’t do anything” Emu said.
“Watch” Lanzer said. We looked at the noob it started twitching then he explodes. “Omg Lanzer how did you do that” I said. “Well each mod was there own weapon. I have my Gaia seals, VO has his sword and Ling has her gwee. That’s how we fight people who break the rules” Lanzer said.” Omg I want to be a mod” I said. “Me too” Emu said. “You can be when your 18” Lanzer said patting Emu’s and my head. “Aww But that’s like 11 million years “I said. “ Don’t worry you’ll be one. Okay class where going back to class for snack time then you parents will pick you up. ” Lanzer said.” Yeah” Everyone said.

So we walked back to class when we got there VO and Ling was there. I grabbed Emu and we went to play word bump which each other. After a while Lanzer and the others passed out our snacks. Our snacks were milk and cookies. When Emu and I got out snacks we were about to eat when this guy took Emu’s cookies ad drank his milk. Then he ran away. “Hey” I yelled but he was gone. Lanzer heard me and went over to Emu and me. “What’s wrong?” Lanzer asked us. “Some guy took Emu’s cookie and drank his milk then ran away” I said. “It’s okay I’m sure we have extras” Lanzer said. “Hey VO do we have any extra cookies and milk left?” Lanzer said. “No because Ling didn’t go to the store this morning” VO said. “Well I’m sorry but my car wouldn’t work and I was almost late” Ling yelled at VO. “Yeah right.” VO said. There argued for a while. “I’m sorry Emo” Lanzer said. ”Well he can have half of my cookie and he can have my milk. I hate raw milk” I said smiling. “Well that’s nice of you. You get a star next to your name for sharing” Lanzer said. “Whoot” I said smiling. Lanzer grabbed a star and put it next to my name on the chart on the wall. I broke my cookie in half and give it to Emu. I then gave him my milk.

“Thanks Pandys” He said smiling. After we finished eating our snacks out parents came to pick us up. I said bye to Emu when his parents came to pick him up. My mommy and dad came to pick me up. I said be to Lanzer. My first Day at Gaia Kindergarten was the greatest ever.

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    Wanna Cyber rofl

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    xD*mikey explodes* ;O

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    explodin nub xD

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