I have went 4 days without sleep and man i'm I tied but i'm not going to go to sleep at all even if I i'm tired. With out me going to sleep ur like a zombie but worse only worse. I mean u look like a cat at u and then spit u back out for a dog toy or something. Ur eyes get really droopy and ur like not making any sense at all. And ur saying the stupidest things that u can think of or u just make up random s**t like what's up my niger's or something like (hell to the naz) well acuttally I got that one from my cousin but u know what I mean or u just say half as ******** sentences like yea what ever go and have fun do what ever u want my niger's. Well u get the idea well h2b i'm workin' on at least the rest of summer until I get any sleep at all.