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First day in Gaia kindergarten ( Part one)
First day in Gaia kindergarten ( Part one)

I stood in front on the door to Gaia kindergarten. My mother and father they were behind me. My mommy was big but only because she had what I think is my little sister. My name is Pandys and I’m only 3 ½ year’s only and I’m cute. It was my first day in Gaia kindergarten and I saw scared. My mom gently touched my back and said “Its okay honey everything is going be fine.” I replied by saying “Lies lies I tell you. I’m going to get beat up by the kids I know it”

Then this man walked out of the door. He had short black hair that was combed in a cute way. He had shining orange were so pretty. He had this great smile. He wore a black shirt and long black pants with cute blue shoes. He had a name tag that said Lanzer. We walked right pass me and started talking to my parents. He was the hottest guy I ever saw. He turned around and said “This must be you little angel.” I blushed and replied by saying “My name is Pandys and I’m 3 ½ years old.” He smiled and pats my head.

My mom bended down and looked at me. “Honey if you want you can start school tomorrow” My mom said smiling. I looked and lanzer and then looked back at my mom.
“No it’s okay I will live” I said smiling. “Okay if you say so. Well bye sweetie we will come back to pick you up after school” She said. “Okay bye mommy and daddy” I said.

Lanzer walked over to me.” We should get going inside” He said smiling. My cheeks felt warm. “Okay” I said. He grabbed my hand and we both walked inside the building. When we walked inside I saw all there little kids around my age talking and playing. “Okay now go make some friends I will be back later” He said. “Got it” I said. Lanzer walked away. I saw this kid sitting at a table all alone doing a puzzle. He wore emo glasses and had a OMFG hat one. He wore all black and had a Guitar of Demona on his back. I went over to him. “Hiya” I said smiling. He looked at me and said” Ello” He said smiling.

“I’m Pandys what’s you name” I said with a small smile.” Emo is my name” Emo said. “Well want to be friends’ emu” I said. “My name is Emo not Emu and yes we can be friends’ He said as he put a puzzle piece in the puzzle he was doing.” Well I wanna call you Emu cause it sounds better” I said.” Okay if you say so” He said. I sat next to him and started to help Emu with his puzzle.

“Okay class” lanzer said. “I want to introduce to the other helpers here. This is VO” Lanzer said. VO wore an OMG hat which you don’t see a lot these days. He wore there weird glasses he had a Guitar of Demona no his back. He had a katana in his hand he wore complete black. He also held flowers in his hand. He put his hand up and waved.
“This is ling” Lanzer said. Ling had brown hair that was up she had a flower in her hair. She had a Gwee that was flying next to her She wore a yellow orange dress. She wore there sandals she also had a harp next to her. She waved also.

“Okay today where going into towns. We will split up into three groups. Group one is Lanzer’s. Group two is mine. Group three is VO’s. Now piece your group leaders” Ling said.

“Omg Emu let’s go into Lanzers group” I said grabbing his arm and dragging him over to lanzer. “Agh you didn’t have to drag me” Emu said. “Sorry” I said. I looked in who was in Lanzer’s group. There was a girl with soot on her face and he covered her mouth with a face mask thingy. She had cat ears her hair was green sliver color. She wore a bra with a black fish net over her. She had a blue arm tattoo on her arm. She wore blue pants and black shoes she held a minzy in her had. There was another guy there he had sliver hair blue eyes and tan skin. He wore a headband over one of his eyes he had an Ancient Katana on his back. He wore wooden sandals.

There Also was another guy he had brown hair and blue eyes. Tan skin he had a white halo over his head. He wore a 70’s shirt and pants. He had a cig in his mouth he also had a collar around his neck. He held a scythe in his hand. There were two other guys and two girls in the group but I really couldn’t see them.

( Part one done I’ll do part to later my hands hurt ;333)

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    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Wed Aug 08, 2007 @ 02:22am
    Great first half but i think u got the OMG and the OMFG parts mixed :3

    commentCommented on: Wed Aug 08, 2007 @ 04:14am
    Yesh I did thankies emu <333

    Joo the best.

    - P A N D Y S -
    Community Member
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Wed Aug 08, 2007 @ 07:57pm
    Go Lanzer!
    Go Lanzer! lmao xD

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