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Misty's Journal Journel Of All Boredness and Randomnes! >:0 My Muffins! ^-^

Community Member
My Original Characters.
All five{six?} of my OC's are below. This journal entry is a storage for them so I don`t have to store them on my computer and also so there isn`t a chance i`ll loose them. xD

Please don`t just look at references if you want to draw one of them. I have changed a few things on some of them. d:

User ImageName: Rukia

Nicknames: Rukey

Age: Seventeen

Birthday: January 3rd

Heritage: Irish/American {No Accent, he's mostly American.}

Race: Fox Demon

Complexion: Pale

Height: 6 Foot

Weight: 140

Hair: Black with blond streaks. His hair is usually parted to the right, and falls down to his shoulder.

Eyes: Light Blue, and please note that he does not have pupils. {Like Hinata from Naruto.}

Ears and Tail: His ears and tail are black with blond in it. Also, his ears should be where human ears are.

Clothing: In the modern world Rukia can be seen wearing a pair of blue jeans and a green zip up hoodie. Under his hoodie is a black short sleeves shirt with the words "Foxxy" written in white. :] As for his shoes, they're converse. x3 Original, kay? Nothing super fancy!
In his first realm where he was raised {see His Story} Rukia, for the majority of his life, wore clothing for royalty. His pants were long and white with gold trim, and as was his shirt. He wore sandles that merely looked golden.

Accessories: MANDATORY: Around his neck he wears a leather collar with his name, Rukia, scribbled in very childish hand writing.
In the modern realm he wears a studded bracelet on his right hand.

Likes: Food, running, being active, most animals, the dark, water, open feilds, silence, anything familiar.

Dislikes: Loud noises, surprises, wolves, strangers, closed spaces, children, anything different, hiding.

Weapon: None

Personality: Rukia is a very shy sort of person. He hardly ever speaks and hates to smile. He thinks it makes him look stupid, when really it makes him rather "dashing". It isn`t often he speaks of his own will, but he will always speak when spoken to, using the smallest amount of words possible.

His Story: The following story is unknown to Rukia himself. He originally lost his memory in a transfer to the modern realm.
Being a demon in a place full of humans and hunters, Rukia was an outcast to everyone. He was separated from his parents when he was ten. For both demons and humans that is a very young age. He wandered around for two months until a young lady found him. She took him to her small house to care for him. A few days after he arrived and was there resting, her husband returned to get her. It so happened that the woman was a queen, and her husband a king. The queen somehow convinced her husband to take Rukia back to the castle with them to care for their daughter, whom had yet to be born.

Four years later that was just what he was doing. Watching the little girl, caring for her, and making sure she stayed out of trouble. A lot of the servants questioned the queen's choice since he was a demon, but she made it clear he was to be treated with as much respect as them and their daughter. They abided by this, but reluctantly. It was at this time he got his collar. The girl made it for him and Rukia never took it off. Two more years went by without problems, and then it happened just as fast as he was lost when he was little. The castle that he was living in was attacked by another. It happened so fast. First when the servants, then the king, then the queen, and then the girl. The girl was attack while Rukia was with her. He did his best to save her, but eventually it failed. Seeing the girls body sent him to tears and brought out the demon that was locked inside of him. At the end, he ended up fainting and waking in the modern world, his clothing torn and covered in blood.

Who he gets along with: Rukia, unlike the others, gets along with almost everyone. He often stares at Reed and blushes more than usual when she's around. Around Yvonne, he's happy and smiles more than usual. He and Pierre usually have staring contest, but they get along for the most part.

Who he doesn`t: Him and Pierre have had a small argument, but the young boy quickly moved over and fought with Reed instead. Tatsuya is someone Rukia really doesn't like. It may be the fact that he flirts with him, or it might be the fact he's just scary.

Crushes: Reed.

Siblings: None

References: Normal and royal attire.


User ImageName: Reed

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 16

Birthday: December 27th

Heritage: Unknown

Race: Vampire

Complexion: Very pale.

Height: 5 Foot 6 inches

Weight: 128lbs

Hair: Reed's hair is very long but never touches the ground while standing. Her bangs are just as long as her hair and usually cover her right eye. Her hair is black with red streaks.

Eyes: Her right eye {the one usually covered by her hair} is gold and her left eye is crimson.

Clothing: Reed wears a red shirt with the words "Bite Me" in bolded black letters. She wears a pair of black pants with a chain wallet on the right side.

Wings: Reed has one wing on her left side. It's bony and black, and similar to that of a bats. There is a small tear near the top.

Accessories: She only wears one necklace. It's very long and wraps around her neck 13 times exactly. The last strand falls down with a cross. {Please see this example from Deviant Art by Lasaro. Please see the bigger veiw. dx}

Likes: The dark, bright things, readings, clubs, eating, and training.

Dislikes: Cows, daylight, technology, spiders, and alcohol.

Weapon: A long katana. It's blade is about four feet long with a leather hilt about one half of a foot long. It's sheath is black and usually attached to her back.

Personality: Reed is not what most would think of when they think of a vampire. She is fun, outgoing, and very loud. Something different about her, is that she loves to party. Now, she's never drank a drink of alcohol in any form {except a bit of wine, and she doesn`t count that} but she loves to go to clubs and dance or meet people. If angered or provoked, she will get mad, and her blue eye will turn crimson and she turns just as cold as ice.

Her Story
Before being turned into a vampire, Reed was a normal girl growing up in a middle class family in the late 1800's. Her mother and father were still married, but she was an only child, and that didn't look subject to change. Being 16 in her time was easy for a person if they followed every rule pushed upon them. However, that was something Reed never did.
On a dark, moonless night she ran into a shadey looking character while walking home from the opera house. Her mother had preformed in it, and her and her father were staying for the after party, something in which Reed had no desire to do. She wasn't afraid of him in the slightest, and that was the small fact that eventually lead to her becoming a vampire.
Now in the 20th century, she wanders the night and through cities, finding people she can relate to and who don`t judge her for being so pale and a bit "different" {thought they don`t know she's a vampire}. Then again, underneath the neon lights, it's hard to tell just how pale she really is.

Abilities: Reed can run very fast. Upon popular belief, she can go out in the day light and she won't die or melt or whatever else people think. The only affect she feels is that's she's a bit weaker.

Who she gets along with: She of coarse gets along with Rukia. He can annoy her sometimes, but she is rather shy around him as well. Yvonne is someone she also gets along with. The two girls stick together and find the most random things to laugh about. Girl bonding, maybe? Tatsuya is her best friend and the two are very close. She hates how he picks on Rukia, but she bares it and trys not to kill him.

Who she doesn`t get along with: Pierre. Reed finds Pierre to be a spoiled brat who needs a huge attitude adjustment. One that she would be willing to give to him. She would have already, but Yvonne prevents that.

Crushes: Rukia

Siblings: None

References: Here and here and here and finally, here.


User ImageName: Yvonne {Ee-VON}

Nicknames: VonVon

Age: Thirteen

Birthday: October 31st

Heritage French

Race: Human

Complexion: Tan

Height: Four foot nine inches.

Weight: 90lbs

Hair: She usually wears her hair in two messy pigtails that are slightly smushed down by her hat. Her hair is blond.

Eyes: Her eyes are always very soft and happy looking. They're blue with a bit of green tint around the pupil.

Clothing: On her head she wears a bed cap looking thing. It's red and has orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple polka dots all over it. On the end of it, there is a black fuzz ball. This is the only black thing she wears. She wears two shirts, a long sleeved and a short sleeved. For bottoms she has a skirt and a pair of pants under it. Everything is a little dirty and a little torn {patches!} because she is homeless. I don`t have color specifics for her clothing, but every except the black fuzz ball {which should be black} needs to be brightly colored.

Accessories: Yvonne is always seen with a scarf around her neck. It's not always the same one, and it sometimes striped or polka dotted. It just depends.

Likes: Animals, running, helping, bright colors, Mew{from Pokemon}, food.

Dislikes: Fire, dark, heights, loud noises, metal clashing, helping.

Talents: Yvonne has a very beautiful singing voice, though it's not often she sings.

Weapons: None

Personality: Aside from the tragic events that she's been through {please see below to her past}, Yvonne is a very bubbly and energetic person. She puts everyone else before her and will do anything to help out. She can sometime be a little to trusting.

Found: She is usually found around the town bakery and in the park playing with peoples pets. Every one around town knows who she is, so no one's scared or worried about her.

Her Story:
Yvonne moved from France to America when she was eight years old. She already knew a both English and French since her parents had been planning on moving to America since she was born. She spoke both languages frequently while living in Paris. Her parents were always very uptight and strict, but still very loving to her and her brother Pierre.
On the morning of Yvonne's 12th birthday at exactly 3:15AM a fire started inside her home. Yvonne, however, wasn't even in the house. She gone into the forest one hour earlier and was miles away. She was, of coarse, supposed to be in bed, but the girl thought she heard the cry of a hurt cat and couldn't resist going to see it. She had been right, and there had been a hurt cat. She helped the cat with it's wounded leg, then fell asleep in the forest underneath a tree cuddled against the cat. When she awoke, the next morning the first thing she smelt was smoke. At first she thought nothing of it and simply walked home. Unlike most twelve year olds who would have ran out into the arms of a firefighter, Yvonne stayed hidden and watched. All four members of the family {including all the maids and servents} had been pronounced dead. They had found what they believed to be the bodies, and looked into it no further.
One year after that fire, Yvonne is still on her own and living from the kindness of others. The baker is her good friend and he keeps her well fed. The tailor keeps her as clothed as she allows him {If it were up to the tailor, Yvonne would be in the finest clothes, but she won`t allow that}, and she has a home thanks to the florist, who allows her to sleep in the shop when it's closed. This isn't an ideal life and most wouldn't like it, but Yvonne is very content with it and doesn't feel like changing it.

Who she gets along with: Like Rukia, she gets along with everyone. She favors Rukia the most because of his tail and ears. Reed scares her a bit, but they gets along very well. Pierre and her are very close as well. Tatsuya she finds silly. He's always messing with her, but it kind.

Who she doesn`t get along with: No one.

Crushes: None

Hero: Reed

Siblings: Pierre

References: Click and Click


User ImageName: Pierre

Nicknames: Brother {Original, no? xD}

Age: 7 {8}

Birthday: October 30th

Heritage: French

Race: Demon {fallen}

Complexion: Slightly pale.

Height: Four Foot six inches

Weight: Sixty-Eight lbs

Hair: Pierre's hair is blond and covers his left eye while it's shorter on the right side. At the tip of the hair that covers his eye, it does curl lightly.

Eyes: Alive, his eyes were blue. Now that he is a fallen, his eyes are purple and always very serious and a bit cold.

Scars: He has one scar under his right eye. It's about three inches long and very thin.

Clothing: When he was alive, Pierre was often in little suits to match his father. He wore a pair of black slacks and a white shirt covered by a black jacket. He often wore a beret just for the fun of it.
Veiw this image! He should look younger though. xD

Accessories: See above. :]

Likes: Chocolate, anything sweet, the night, music, and any place dark.

Dislikes: Light, children {any age}, villians, anyone trying to hurt his sister.

Weapons: Usually Pierre has two hand guns. They do have bullets in them, but for the most part he just likes how they feel on his hands. They do make him look very scary when he's threating people though. He would not, however, use them for any reason.

Talents: Pierre is very talented when it comes to the piano. He can play amazingly. He learned a bit of the violin, but isn`t all that great at it.

Weapons: It's not so much a weapon, but his mouth his a weapon. He can talk his way out of any problem.

Personality: Even alive as a little boy, Pierre was very serious and hard-headed. He never mouthed off to his parents, but the servants knew the real Pierre. He was, what American's say, a bit of a snob. He knew he was talented, and he knew that his parents trusted him more than the servants. Even though he was snobby to everyone, there was a person he trusted more than anyone, and that was his Sister. Yvonne always looked after Pierre and taught him to always work hard and to protect anything worth protecting.

Found: Wherever Yvonne is.

His Story:
Pierre was only two when his family moved from his home in Paris to America, so he doesn't remember that much. At that age he was learning to speak, but could already speak both French and English. Not very well, but he could do it.
On that night of the fire {he was seven}, Pierre had been in his bed. He was such a light sleeper - unlike his mother and father - that the first scent of smoke he was awake. Curious, he got up from his bed and found out where it had been coming from. It was coming from his father's office. He tried to get inside, but soon figured out that the fire was only in the room at the moment. Instead of waking his mother, he went off to find his sister. He spoke a few colorful curses in French when he found she wasn't in her room. Pierre spent his last half and hour as a human looking for his sister until the fire finally caught up to him unexpectedly.
Dieing at such a young age and being only a child, Pierre was sent directly to Heaven. He, however, didn't want to be there and had other plans. He wanted to be on Earth to protect his sister from the cruel world and all of the people in it. She already had a guardian angel, but Pierre found him to be a flake. It took him a few months, but eventually he found his way to Earth, in the process losing his title as an angel and technically becoming a fallen angel. All for his sister.
On Earth he watched over his sister and keeps any perverts and what not away from her. All this time he remembers happier times when he was alive and when he would play the piano for her and she would be the only one listening, and applaud like a whole audience when he was done.

Who he gets along with: Yvonne, of coarse, and Rukia. Yvonne he gets along with the best. He and Rukia have their arguments, but for the most part they do get along very well.

Who he doesn`t get along with: Reed. He finds her to be a rude "Old Lady" who has no respect for anyone. That's only because she wacked him once when he mouthed off to her. He also thinks Tatsuya is creepy. It might be the fact he's gay, or the fact that he has a Death Note.

Crush: No one

Hero's: His sister and Rukia.

Siblings: Yvonne.

References: Human: Click and Click


This is a Death Note OC that belongs to me and SlightlyTwistedMunkey. The Death Note quotation in the biography is strictly copy right of the creators of Death Note. Me and Spazz did NOT think of it. The character in general and such we made. :]

Name: Tatsuya


Age: Twenty

Birthday: August 19th

Heritage: N.A Right now

Race: Human

Orientation: Gay

Complexion: Slightly Pale

Height: Six foot Two inches

Weight: 175lbs

Hair: Tatsuya's hair is shoulder length and will never ever touch the collar of his shirt. The front of his hair is parted to the left and slightly fluffy, but it's not overly fluffy. No, his bangs do not cover his eyes. Unless he's giving you the evil eye! :0 Any how, his hair is purple with blue highlights.

Eyes: His eyes are a darkish blue with purple tint. They are catious, yet playful at the same time.

Clothing: Tatsuya wears a long sleeved purple button-down shirt with a high collar which is covered by a short sleeved multi-pocketed vest that is a tealish blue color. He wears a pair of light gloves {brown} that are the color of his belted combat boots which go to his knees and cover his light blue and tight fitting pants. To his left is the bag where he keeps his Death Note and the papers he needs for his job as the company.

Accesories: On his left side strapped to his leg, he wears a small back that contains his Death Note. This is the only mandatory accessory. You can add anything else if you wish, but don`t go over board.

Likes: Partying, clubs, crowds, men, flirting, games, sweets, bright lights, eating, hanging out, chatting, flying.

Dislikes: Being noticed, most girls, silence, being alone, animals, violence, water {he can`t swim}.

Weapon: Tatsuya considers his Death Note a weapon, and it his. alls he needs to kill someone it a name and a face to match.

Personality: Tatsuya is a very loud and outgoing sort of person. He's flirty, leading, sneaky, and sometime a bit snobbish. The boy can be rather perverted, but usually he keeps that down a level. He enjoys teasing Rukia, however.

Biography: Tatsuya was raised by his father for his whole life. During pregnancy, his mother encountered many problems and short after child birth, which was a month early, his mother died. Her last word was his name. Tatsuya thinks his father blames him for the death of his mother, and he's right. Tatsuya's father is a very selfish man who can't stand to be around his son. For this reason, he is always working or at his office. This leaves Tatsuya as home alone pretty much all the time. He doesn't have a problem with this since there is money for him, always food, and always anything he needs. The only thing he doesn't like, is that when he does talk with his father they argue, and his neibor is a completely insane old man who thinks cats are trying to rule the world. Yes, seriously. When Tatsuya was four, the old man took his cat, decapitated it, then proceeded to actually give it back to the four year old child. Tatsuya found that day that he no longer liked animals... or anything inside of them

Years and years passed without incident, and Tatsuya graduated his high school with the sixth best score country wide. On what seemed to be a completley normla day, that boy was walking him from his job at his fathers company {his father got him a job there, but they never saw each other} when he spotted something on a nearby bench. It was a black note book with the words "Death Note" written on the front in white. The boy picked it up, looked around, then shoved it into his back and headed home. Once home {his fathers, technically}, he opened it and read the first page.

    "The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

    This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name with not be affected.

    It the cause of death is written within 40 second of writing the person's name, it will happen.

    If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

    After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the name 6 minutes and 48 seconds."

Tatsuya, like any other sane person, found this to be a ridiculous joke. .He slammed it close with a scoff then turned around and let out a small scream. Behind him, sat a dragon. It was fall taller than he, but it's head did not touch the ceiling. The dragons face was staring at him with slight interest and amusment. Tatsuya, being a bit frightened, stared back. After a bit of chatting, he soon found the dragon was a Shinigami, or a Death God, whom had dropped their Death Note. His name, was Ryuu. Tatsuya questioned him for a while, when left the room to get a snack.

To his great displeasure, his father was there. They had their normal argument, then Tatsuya returned to his room. The boy informned the Shinigami of what had happened, only t be urged to try the Death Note. So, he does. 40 seconds later, his father had a fatal heart attack and dies.

Six monthes later, Tatsuya lives in the house that had been his fathers. The company still sends him money that was supposed to be his fathers, but is then his. Tatsuya is curious, but does not question it. Inside of his Death Note, there are a total of five names. His fathers, his crazy neibors, his cousins,, a rapist, and someone from his work. He see's no need to write random names in it, and finds it totally pointless to try to make the world a better place. For this, Ryuu is very frustrated with him. The dragon was looking forward to being a part of some mass killing, but was greatly dissapointed.

Abilities: If he knows your name and has seen your face, he can kill you. He won't, but could. Tatsuya is also very quick on his feet.

Who he gets along with: Reed, and that's it. Reed and Tatsuya are very close friends and are often found teasing other people, or taunting them. They party together, and love to hang out. When Reed was moving around alot, Tatsuya stayed where he was and waited for her to return, which she did.

Who he doesn't: Rukia and Pierre. He doesn`t like Rukia because he finds the Reed is far to good for him. He won`t admit it, but he is very jelous. He hides this by flirting and taunting with Rukia. He hates Pierre for the same reason Reed does, because he is a spoiled brat.

Yvonne is more neutral. He doesn`t like her, but he doesn't hate her ether.

Crushed: N/A

Siblings: None

Shinigami: Ryuu

References: Processing...

Note: This OC goes with the one above and they are, in some extent, the same

Name: Ryuu

Race: Shinigami / Death God

Element: Water / Ice

Gender: Male

Human Who Found His Death Note: Tatsuya

Likes: Sweets, flying, water, ice, the cold.

Dislikes: Tatsuya {at times}, fire, loud noises, idiots.

Personality: Ryuu is a very bossy sort of... Death God. Not only does he knew that he's smarter than you, but she will tell a person flat out when they're acting retarded. Or, he`ll have Tatsuya tell them. Ryuu can be very cold and harsh, but he always has Tatsuya's best interests at "heart". He is also very demanding. When he says something, he expects to to be done.

Abilities: Flight and he can control ice or water to do his bidding. It isn't often he does this though.

Appearance: Pending...

References: N/A as of this moment.

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