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Lyrics of a Darkened Soul. Tales of a Fallen Angel.

Jen Bravehart
Community Member
School.. Ew. -.-;
So, school sucked. Someone wanted me to post my classwork.. So, here we go.
English/Literacy - We had to do some definition crap and some Literary terms. Mine is messy. (Pictures posted later)
Math - This. Sucked. We had to do 100 problems on ******** Integers. The easiest thing EVER. I hung out and chatted with Derek, Carlos, and Lauren most of the class. Mr. Santos was pissy but wasn't in the room 1/3 of the period.
History - Ugh. We barely learned anything. We went from the Alamo, to the Mexican War, to proper conduct in School, to talking about Senior Trip. It was a pointless hour of my life.
P.E. - Woot. Excused, again. Mrs. Santos sent me to do an hour in the School Bookstore where I hung with Bryan, William, and Jenny R. We played cards instead of selling books. It was the s**t. "Bananas"
Lunch - My favorite subject. The usual crowd. Barbie, Carlos, Angie and I. The three Ds were together. Demented, Deranged, and Disturbed. We sat with Danny and Derek (strangely) and spent lunch exploding sodas. We also talked about how Danny slashed my finger with scissors this morning and I explained how I was pouring and how blood was splurging all over the bathroom sink. When I showed them the cut and paper, people got queasy. XD
Language Arts: two times a day. Awe, ********. We read up on Literacy and took an English test. I'm the only one with full marks.
Then we decorated the class. Me mainly, seeing as how I'm a beast. XD

Yup. Not much now. Just Gaia being a p***k.
Update soon. Love Love.
heart heart heart heart

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Community Member
comment Commented on: Thu May 12, 2005 @ 11:46pm
omg whoever cut you with scissors must die and burn in hell.
Gaia is being really screwey.
love you lots!

User Comments: [1]
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