So yeah... I am stressed out to the max right now!

I had my first college class Monday... astronomy. Our teacher is a really nice old dude... with this cute old world accent. He started off by asking us what the color of the sky was... and went on to describe the visible spectrum at an atomic level. It was pretty interesting. Then during the last half of the class, he started talking about the course requirements (it's on line, so this was our only real in class thing). I was completely lost!! He started talking about this program that we were supposed to use called BlackBoard... and how we were supposed to take the tests on there and stuff. I was so confused! Apparently, we have to check out these DVDs from their library and send him a summary of them every week... and we have to go out nearly every night and observe the night sky with our star charts... I really hope I can catch on soon, or else I am doomed!

Yeah, done with that... I have finally finished my research paper!!! Rejoice! It's due on Friday and I only have to do a little tweaking here and there, and maybe add a paragraph and a quote or two, but besides that I am done!!! I think that it turned out really well! I tried to make it interesting and not start with the same five words every sentence. We had to critique others' papers in our class. The girl who did mine liked it. Woot! But I got this REALLY bad paper. I feel bad for this girl, her paper did not make any sense what so ever. She did it on Alshimer's (along with about 20 other people in our class). She started with the last symptoms and then went back... it was really bad. I gave her a 2 out of 10 and told her that it was a bad cut and paste job! I really hope that she didn't spend a ton of time on it, because it truly was horrible, I couldn't even get past the fourth page...

So... I have a paper for Binang to write now and then an Anatomy and Physiology one to do... I think that I will save them till the weekend... I really want to get together with my friends this Friday (its Friday the 13th!!) and skip fencing... but I don't think that anyone's available... oy...

I swear, my sister is truly EVIL. So today, right, she was really being annoying, pulling my hair and knocking on my head and stuff. She is pigging her self out on pringles (when my mom told her she could only have 3). So I tell her that I will tell mom... and she goes up stairs and tells my mom, who is on the phone, that if I come up and tell her something about her, that I'm lieing... Yeah... and so she comes back down to try and smite me with her "superior" plan, granted she is only 8. I tell her that I was not planning on tattling on her, because it was an extremely immature thing to do... and I do not ever tell on her because I do not sink to that level. She proceeds to tell me, in a fake British accent, by the way, that she is way more mature than I am and she actually has more points on the maturity scale.

Yes, at my house there is a maturity scale. This was another way that my father has come up with to get under my skin (and he says that I am not mature O_o). This "scale" is something of a point system in which he awards points to those who he thinks were the mature ones in a certain situation. These situations may be the small fight over stupid name calling, in which I use logic and danielle uses her superior ability to make a total a** out of herself. It usually ends in danielle telling on me for some stupid thing that I said. Yeah, and then my dad sympathizes with the little devil and gives her a point for being the "mature" one in the situation. And so far danielle has three or so points while I have about negative 1. Danielle insists that she knows all that is scientific in the world and can and will out whit me in a conversation. The strange thing is that my father encourages it. This is s**t! I am so sick of my father telling me that my 8 year old sister, who shall we say is not at all the brightest in the box, is so much mature than I am. Sorry, but anyone who knows me, knows that I am much, much more mature than the average adult. He just does this to effing get under my skin! I am so sick of this crap that I have to put up with. I am taking college classes in my JUNIOR year of HIGH SCHOOL and he tells me that danielle is so much smarter than I am. He just does it to freaking get me mad. Why the hell does he have do be so immature?

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