For my summer I went to Hawaii to help out my aunt and my uncle to watch there boys why they were working. There boys names are Ryan and Conner they are my cousins. I left July 2,2007 and got back August 3,2007 for a month. My parents and my brothers missed me a whole lot. I was glad to see ever one again and get to see the beautiness of Hawaii. I did not go yet until my nana and papa got back from Hawaii then I went out. I was happy to spend a lot of time with my aunt and uncle named Lisa and Uncle for a while. I was also glad of see and spanding time with my three cousins named Ryan, Conner, and Mychael. When I grow up and graduate from college I want to go out to Hawaii to live. The only thing I did not like was when my little ferret her name was Codo died two days before I went to Hawaii. crying sad We have a pet cat that is orange and white it is name is Fluffy. smile I was really happy to see all of you guys again. I was really happy when I got to hang out with my older cousin a lot. biggrin
whtg ttul bye