omg 2 times i didnt sleep

ok hers the feed i woku up and lol i tryed out having a slave but i dont believe in slaves so i prefer them as my frends ok me and my friend went to play rally it was fun so after that i told my freind to fish with me but i lost him that sucks im a bad master so after that i invited clueles to fish with me she came but by the time she came my eyes were almost dead she said brb and that is when i fell a sleep (am i nocturnal) so after when i woke up she was gone. i recive a couple of pms and i did some personal stuff of mine in gaia. i fell asleep(im a sleeping beuty)lol so when i woke up i ate dinner and i was supose to go in town with clueles but she couldnt connectso i played jigsaw with my friend fillipinogirl but she had to go we talked for about a few hours with pms and comments i fell asleep again lol then i got this message that there is going to bee a party at one of my non top10 freind. i will go but im wrighting in my diary so i don lose my memories again

oh and i wasted my mony for this nice uniform lol