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my life/complete randomness

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These are some of my fav quotes.... [found on the internet and from shows]

-no you dont get it. you just think u get it. which isnt the same as actually getting it. get it. -kakashi [naruto]

-follow the butterflies! follow the butterflies! WHEE! La la la! Ronius explodicus!AHH Boom -Ron and hermione [potter puppet pals]

-well they've burned there skin, shortend there breath and somehow lost there shirts . altogether id call it a successful fight. -koto [yyh]

-there will come a moment when u will have a chance 2do the right thing. I love 2 those moments, I like 2 wave at them as they go by. -elizabeth and jack [PotC]

-quick pick a color from 1 to 10!

-wake me 4 the end of the world *goes 2 sleep* -Hiei [yyh]

-u do them 1 favor and they think your their best friend, this is why I could care less if there entire species was swallowed up. -hiei [yyh]

-when in doubt blow up a mountain. -yusuke [yyh]

-I know as much of games as I do of hugs and puppies and care 4 them even less. -hiei [yyh]

-rock,paper,scissors in the eye!

-so tell me,whats it like living in a constant haze of stupidity? -hiei [yyh]

-shut up u stuped baka! -hiei [yyh]

-I represent the dark lord... because I am the dark lord!

-whoever said that nothing is impossible has never tried slamming a revolving door.

-the usual reson 4 hiei-kuns moodiness can be simply explained: he cant wear a hat. that is the true reason 4 our friends little temper. he's tried many different hats, but none of them would ever simply stay on his head. personally, im glad he stayed with the hairstyle. thats r hiei, he wont change 4 nobody...including himself.

-kurama dont make me rip out your precious voice-box. -hiei [yyh]

-tell me what its like living in the perpetual haze of stupidity. -hiei speaking 2 kuwabara [yyh]

-your a team player, a save-the-day superhero...i hate people like u. -hiei speaking 2 yusuke [yyh]

-do u know why i chose him as my partner? so i would't have 2 fight him myself. he's more cutthroat than i am in battle and utterly ruthless. -hiei speaking 2 yusuke about kurama [yyh]

-a red sun rises. blood has been spilt this night. -legolas [lord of the rings the 2 towers]

-the bitterest tears shed over graves r 4 words left unsaid and deeds left undone. -Harriet Beecher Stowe

-speak softly and carry a big stick. -Theodore Roosevelt

-friends r angles who left us 2 r feet when r wings have troble remembering how 2 fly.

-a friend is someone who dances with u in the sunlight and walks with u in the shadows.

-stressed is desserts spelled backwards.

-when snow melts what does it become?.......ANSWER: it becomes spring. -hatori 2 tohru and kana 2 hatori

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